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Why You May Need AC Repairs with a New Unit


When you have invested in a new air conditioner, then you may finally have peace of mind that you won’t be worrying about expensive AC repairs for quite some time. But then one day, you wake up to discover that you don’t have the air flow you should, your cooling system isn’t turning on at all, or your energy bill is oddly high. When this happens, you have to call in the pros for AC repair, and here are a few reasons why you may need to involve the experts not long after a new unit is installed.

You May Have Had the Wrong Size Unit Installed

One of the most important tips when having a new air conditioning unit installed is to make sure you go with a reputable company. Amateurs may slip up on measurements or won’t have an understanding of the sizes of units designed for specific square footages. When a wrong-sized unit is installed, then your cooling system will struggle to meet the comfort level needs of your space whether you have commercial or residential property. This will leave you with a unit that needs AC repairs more frequently and a higher energy bill.

You May Have Had Amateurs Remove the Old System

Some people will offer to remove your old unit because they want the scrap metal while others think it will save them a little money to DIY this job, but you should be very cautious. You don’t want to take out certain components like ductwork, and you want to be sure you are handling the air conditioner in a safe way. If you want to ensure a smooth install that won’t cost you extra money, then make sure professionals remove the old system.

The Ductwork May Not Be the Right Size

If you have an AC repair company that installs a unit without checking the size of the ductwork, then you may have problems early on with air flow. The most reputable companies will check everything from the ductwork to the thermostat so that each aspect is covered and you’re left with a comfortable home.

The Filters May Not Be Cleaned and Changed Enough

When you get a new unit, you might need to adjust the frequency that you change filters. Just because your unit is brand new and more efficient doesn’t mean that it collects less dust and dander. Keep up with this to ensure you don’t see problems early in the lifespan of your unit and to prevent future AC repair.

You May Think Your Unit Is Younger Than It Is

Sometimes you need to go back to the paperwork of when the unit is installed because you may not realize that your air conditioner is actually older than it is. Because a quality installation and premium HVAC system will have a long lifespan that can last anywhere from ten years plus, it can be easy to think your five-year-old system is a little over two years.



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