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What’s Clogging My Drain? A Guide to Common Obstructions

Monday, June 17th, 2024

If we surveyed a hundred homeowners about the most common and irritating problem they encounter with their plumbing, we imagine that 80% would say “clogged or slow drains.” Everyone has run into this plumbing nuisance at one time or another, and there’s no single method to effectively unclog any blocked drain. Often, it takes professionals using equipment like drain cameras and hydro-jetters to open up an obstructed drain.

What is currently clogging up your drain? You might have an idea, but below we’ll list the most common types of drain obstructions so you’ll know what you’re facing.

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Listen for These Warning Sounds of a Malfunctioning AC

Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Your home’s AC is crucial for making it through our hot and humid summers. With all the work that your air conditioning system takes on, it can develop malfunctions over time. If you recognize the early warning signs of problems, you can act fast with professional air conditioning repair in Mobile, AL that will stop the situation from worsening until you have a completely failed AC.

One of the most telltale signs that something is amiss with your AC is unusual noises. Paying attention to these warning sounds can help you address problems early and avoid costly repairs or replacements. Here are the key warning sounds to listen for:

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Warnings That You Need to Schedule Sewer Line Cleaning

Monday, May 20th, 2024

One of the vital plumbing jobs we do for our customers is drain and sewer cleaning. Drain cleaning is a useful service that can unclog stubbornly stuck drains and work as a preventive measure that keeps clogs away and helps the plumbing system last for longer.

Sewer line cleaning is a bigger job, and it’s one that many homeowners don’t give much thought to. We can’t blame people for not wanting to think about their sewer lines. But if a sewer line becomes excessively dirty or has tree root intrusions, it can end up as a major fiasco for a home. 

We want to help you know when it’s time to schedule sewer cleaning in Mobile, AL. We’ll first look at why sewer cleaning is often essential, and then what to look for that will warn you you need it done.

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Spring Is the Time for Annual AC Maintenance!

Monday, May 6th, 2024

Spring is an important time for HVAC professionals like our Peaden Pros. It’s when we help our customers save money and enjoy superior summer comfort with air conditioning maintenance Mobile County, AL. AC systems do plenty of hard work each summer in our weather, and unless they receive professional care, they’ll run into numerous problems. Regular maintenance is the best prevention tool and the best way to get years of quality service from your air conditioner.

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