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Attic Fans Can Make a Big Difference for Your Home

Monday, May 6th, 2024

Fans are an inexpensive way to stay cool. A fan doesn’t lower the temperature in a room, but it does create air currents that help people to feel cooler. The movement of air removes the heat envelope from around a person’s body so they can release more heat and cool down. Basically, fans create wind chill, but you can control it so it only affects you when you want to be chilled.

But then you hear about attic fans and might wonder, “Why would I want to make the attic feel cooler? I hardly go up there.” Attic fans do a different job from the standard fans you might be thinking about, but they have a similar result of a cooler house and lower energy bills. 

We install attic fans in Panama City, FL, and we’d like to take some time today to explain how they work and how they can benefit you (even in winter).

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