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Qualities to Look for in Your Next AC Repair Company

Qualities to Look for in Your Next AC Repair Company

Finding an AC repair company that you can trust is important to all homeowners, because at some point, you’ll need their services. When you find a company you like and trust, you can have a little peace of mind when you are dealing with air conditioner issues. Read on to learn about the top qualities to look for in your next AC repair company.

Great Communication

Calling the company on the telephone for your AC repair is the first interaction that you will have with that company. The most important part is to talk to a live human being. If you reach an answering machine or an answering service and it is during business hours, then that should be a warning. If you actually talk to someone in the office and they are polite, explain how things are going to work, and successfully set up an appointment for you, then you are off to a good start.

Experienced Technicians

Once you have an AC repair technician in your home, the next thing you are looking for is someone who has the skills and the experience to properly service your air conditioner. They should ask all of the correct questions about what is going on in your home, know what to look for while diagnosing your AC repair issue, and have the ability to repair it so you have cool air making your home comfortable again. You should also expect the technician to be courteous, punctual, and professional.

Ability to Finance Large Necessary Purchases

Hopefully, all homeowners have the resources to handle expensive repairs when they occur, but replacing an entire air conditioning unit can be expensive. Make sure the company you are looking at has a financing plan for large purchases just in case you need to utilize that feature. If the need arises and it is extremely hot outside, that is not the time to realize you do not have enough in savings to repair the system properly.

Emergency Service

It would be great if all AC repair emergencies happened during business hours, but sometimes things happen late at night and on weekends. The company you select should have emergency services available so that you can have your air conditioner repaired no matter when it needs it. When it is hot outside, all you want is to have your air conditioner working again. Waiting an entire weekend until Monday morning is not a real option in hot regions during the summer.

Free Estimates and Affordable Prices

Referrals are great, and if you can find a company that is highly recommended, you’re probably in good hands. Another major factor is a company that provides free estimates to let you know exactly what is going on with your air conditioner and their rates should be affordable. Everyone wants to be treated fairly, so be sure to find a company that can meet all of your needs and make you feel good about your selection.

What Could Possibly Require an AC Repair?

What Could Possibly Require an AC Repair?

If you have maintained your air conditioner with detailed precision and have done everything you were supposed to, why would you possibly need an AC repair visit? In a perfect world, proper maintenance would prevent the need of an AC repair technician visit, but electronics and motors have certain things that eventually will need attention, no matter how impeccably you maintain your system.

Fan Motor or Compressor

During the summer months when your air conditioner has to run continuously for a good part of the day, it will take a beating. Regular AC repair visits to maintain these vital parts will help, but eventually these items in your exterior unit will go out. Depending on who you talk to, you will get a different idea of how long your AC units should last, but problems can be found much quicker if you have your regular check-ups. Once the fan motor goes out, the compressor cannot operate, and if the compressor goes out, it cannot produce cold air. Either way, it can be very uncomfortable if these items go out during a hot day, so make sure you have a regular service visits to check these important parts.

Refrigeration Leaks

Occasionally a leak can release the refrigerant from your unit so there is no Freon in the unit to cool off your house. AC repair technicians can utilize their professional equipment to find leaks during a maintenance visit. These leaks are not something you can usually find without equipment. It can be frustrating if you have been checking the outside unit like you were told and this still happens. Make sure you have your air conditioner checked before the heat of the summer begins and after summer is over so that any rigorous use to the unit can be found and repaired as needed during the AC repair visit.

Frozen Coil

The above mentioned refrigeration leaks could cause the coils in your outside air conditioner unit to freeze up. When this happens, then the blower motor is usually still blowing, but the air that is coming from your vents is hot. Sometimes this problem can be temporarily remedied by turning off your air conditioner and letting it thaw out. If this occurs, then you need to make sure to schedule an AC repair visit to try and find the cause of the problem before it becomes too serious or causes you to have warm air on a hot day.

Wiring Issues

These AC repairs are less frequent, but your professional technician can locate wiring problems, frayed wires, or even issues from the outside like wildlife creating damage to the wires. The electrical components need to be checked regularly as well so that a fire or other substantial danger doesn’t occur. This is not something that the homeowner will normally check because a lot of the wiring is behind panels or in the attic that they would not normally access. Your AC repair visit could prevent serious issues from occurring with the wiring, so be sure to schedule your regular AC repair check-ups today!

How to Rest Comfortably Without Stressing About an AC Repair

How to Rest Comfortably Without Stressing About an AC Repair

When the heat of summer hits, knowing you are protected from unexpected AC repairs is a comfortable frame of mind. A few proactive steps on your part can make a nice, cold house on those hot summer days a reality. Follow these steps and you will be enjoying your cool home and staying comfortable this summer.

Change Filters

Even though it is basic knowledge, homeowners do not change their filters as regularly as they need to. By doing this one thing, you can eliminate a large number of the AC repair visits that you might have otherwise needed. A clean filter allows the air conditioner to run as the manufacturer designed it to. That means a cooler house, a more efficient air conditioner, and low cost maintenance services twice a year instead of a large expensive repair cost when you have a dirty system that shuts down.

Manage the Thermostat

Another task that most people do not think about is adjusting the thermostat. Making adjustments at night and when you are not at home can allow the air conditioner to run more effectively than having it run full speed all day long. Continuous running of the air conditioner can lead to AC repair calls because the system is not designed to run for that long continuously. If you have a digital thermostat, you can program the air conditioner to adjust automatically throughout the day and while you are away. This is the most effective way to manage your thermostat, lower your power bill, and give your air conditioner a break.

Regular Maintenance

It is crucial that you have a professional AC repair technician out to inspect your air conditioner twice a year, once before it begins to get too hot so they can make sure the system is working properly, and then again after the summer is over so they can check and make sure that the use during the summer did not damage anything or create any problems. If you follow this maintenance plan, you can also eliminate a lot of AC repair calls to your home.

Listen to Your System

Although it may sound strange, sometimes you can tell if there are issues with your air conditioner by listening to it as it runs. When a system is running properly, there is a smooth sound to it. As problems arise that may create a need for an AC repair, you may begin to hear rattling, the motor may sound like it is straining to operate, or you can hear whistling issues if there are problems with the duct system. Confirming that everything sounds right can help with your air conditioner’s longevity.

Assist Your Air Conditioner Where You Can

This may sound confusing, but if you have ceiling fans or even fans in general, they can assist your air conditioner to successfully circulate the air. That can prevent the air conditioner from being over worked and causing AC repair issues during the summer time. Not only will your house feel better with the proper air circulation, but your utility bills will be lower as well.

How to Make AC Repairs Less Expensive

How to Make AC Repairs Less Expensive

Needing a professional AC repair technician to either service the unit at your home or repair it is inevitable. Just like with other large items such as your car, maintaining expensive items can be handled more efficiently by properly taking care of them. If you maintain your air conditioner with a few obvious and easy things, you can make those inevitable AC repair visits easier on your wallet.

Invest in a Quality Thermostat

There are multiple things you can do when it comes to your thermostat. The top priority is to invest in an electronic thermostat that can be programed to adjust the air conditioner throughout the day. This is important because during the summer time when the heat is extremely potent, your air conditioner wants to continue to run all the time. If you have your thermostat set at 72 and the heat outside is over 100, then you can bet that your air conditioner will be running non-stop. With programmable features, you can adjust the temperature during the evening while you are asleep so the unit can rest or even during the day if you are at work and there is no one at home. Many thermostats also allow you to program them to lower the temperature before you get home so you are comfortable when you arrive.

Change the Filter

This seems like a common sense thing, but you would be amazed by the amount of AC repair visits that are requested because the homeowner does not properly and consistently change their filter. This is actually the number one reason for systems having issues because the unit is incapable of blowing clean air due to clogs in the filter. One rule of thumb is to set a specific day, such as the first day of the month, and change the filter that same day every month. Not only will that prevent consistent AC repair visit, it will also help your house to stay more comfortable, the air will be much cleaner, and your power bill will likely be lower.

Clean the Outside Unit

Going outside to do some manual labor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you clean your outside unit regularly, you should not have to be out in the heat for very long. Make sure grass or weeds have not grown up around the unit. Just like you set a reminder to replace your filters, find a time to clean the outside of your unit regularly. Maybe every time you mow the lawn or every time you take the trash can out, just give it a quick once over and remove or cut back any weeds or leaves that have accumulated. Maintaining a clean unit keeps dust and moisture from building up and resulting in an AC repair visit because the system shuts down.

Commit to Regular Check Ups

Always make sure your local professional AC repair technician comes out and checks your air conditioner regularly. Just like other items need maintenance, your air conditioner needs regular AC repair visits to make sure everything is running properly. If you catch a problem early, then your overall cost will likely be much less because the equipment will last longer and you will not have to replace it for years.

How to Know Your AC Repair Company Puts You First

How to Know Your AC Repair Company Puts You First

Your system for air conditioning is an investment financially as well as for the quality of life. Not only does it keep you cool and comfortable inside, but it protects your possessions from humidity from paintings on your walls to the wood that makes up the structure of your home. When you want to make sure that you get the most out of your cooling system, you will need to find an AC repair company that puts you first. Here we look at a few qualities that you should expect from a local company that puts your needs first and will keep your air conditioner running in optimal condition.

They Are Straightforward About Pricing

Whether you are making an appointment with an AC repair company or you are investing in a home improvement repair, you want to bring in people that are straightforward about pricing and clear when you have questions. No one likes to get surprised on their bill and the best companies know that you have a budget when it comes to AC repairs. Before you bring in the expert to perform an AC repair, make sure that you have a clear understanding of how they charge and what will be on your final bill so you can account for it.

They Do a Complete Diagnostic

The best AC repair company will never gloss over the problem with a quick fix, but will do a complete diagnostic check so that you get to the root of the problem. This way, when the pros come out to check on the issues you are having, they can proactively make sure that there are no other problems.

They Respond Quickly

When you need an AC repair, then you want it to be sure that you get the problem resolved quickly. The HVAC companies will be quick to respond because they know that you don’t want to waste any time getting your home back to the cool temperatures that make it comfortable. If you have an emergency service, then you will find quality professionals provide this when it comes to AC repair so that your space is at a safe temperature.

They Are Local and Reputable

You should never go with people that claim they can complete your AC repair, but are not familiar with the area. There are a lot of handymen out there that you meet in the hardware store, only to discover they don’t live in the area and they don’t provide any guarantees. Go with a crew that is certified, licensed, insured, and experienced, and a company that you can easily reach when an issue arises.

They Have a Knowledgeable Customer Service

It can be frustrating to call an AC repair business only to find the person on the other side of the phone isn’t sure what is going on. You want a knowledgeable customer service that listens to your needs and the promptly responds to them with appointments, estimates, and can answer your pressing questions.

Know these 7 Signs of AC Repair

Know these 7 Signs of AC Repair

Whether you are trying to prevent AC repair, or you want to know what the signs are that you may require the professionals, you will have to pay attention to your unit. One of the first steps is to find an AC repair company that is reputable and local to ensure that you get an affordable price and the problem is dealt with in a thorough manner. Here we provide a quick checklist of signs that you need AC repair, and a few ways to prevent them from happening prematurely.

#1: Noises

Your air conditioning unit should make normal noises that mean it is working effectively, and you should pay attention to these from time to time so you know what they sound like. However, when you start to hear strange clicking, banging, popping, and other sounds, then you should make a note of it and then schedule an appointment to have a professional diagnose the problem.

#2: Filters

When you check and change your filters, if you discover they are clogged each time, then you not only need to start changing them more frequently, but you should have your unit checked out. Filters will cause a unit to prematurely need AC repairs and can lower the quality of the air in your home.

#3: Water Buildup

If you start to notice that you have excessive water buildup around the outside of your unit, or that you have unusual condensation around your vents, then call the professionals. You don’t want to try to handle water buildup on your own because electricity will be involved and it will be dangerous. A professional AC repair company will be able to let you know what is normal and what isn’t when it comes to water.

#4: Air Flow

The air flow of your air conditioner can tell you a lot about what condition your unit is in. Take the time to check the air flow when you are turning your unit on, and watch out that it is not running continually.

#5: Energy Bill

Your energy bill can tell you a lot about your air conditioning and it will alert you when you have a problem and need an AC repair. If you start to notice that it is gradually rising, then have an expert come out and inspect the unit to make sure it is not being overworked and costing you money.

#6: Thermostat

Your thermostat is important when it comes to preventing and detecting AC repairs, and you can stay on top of cooling system care when you apply the right settings. Make sure that you are reaching comfortable temperatures and that your thermostat is accurately reading your settings.

#7: Yearly Service Calls

The best way to take care of AC repairs and to keep them from happening is to schedule your yearly maintenance call. The professionals will clean, diagnose, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Trust that your air conditioner can run in prime condition for years to come when you provide it with a little TLC and attention.

Is Your AC Unit Ready For the Summer Heat?

Is Your AC Unit Ready For the Summer Heat?

For the most part, people will look forward summer from taking a nice vacation to going to the pool to putting away those winter coats. However, there are also those days so hot you feel like you are sticking to every chair you sit in. When summer is at its peak, then you want to be sure you are ready for it, and that includes having your AC unit ready. Here are a few ways that you can check to see if you need an AC repair, and how you can make sure your cooling system is ready for the summer months.

Have You Had an Inspection by a Professional Lately?

You should have your AC unit inspected by a professional once a year to make sure that it is running in prime condition and everything is clean. They will be able to resolve any issues and make AC repairs where necessary. While this may seem like an easy task to skip, it is one that can make the difference between how long your unit runs down the road.

Have You Noticed Good Air Flow?

As you start to turn your air conditioner on this summer, make sure you pay attention to the air flow so that everything seems normal. Pay attention to the smells that come out and if you see any dander being spread when blowing out of the vents. If you notice anything unusual, then call in the experts.

Is Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature?

While you should be realistic about the temperature that your cooling system can product, you should always be able to reach a comfortable temperature in your home. If it is over a hundred degrees outside, then reaching temperatures in the low seventies will be difficult for your unit and will make it work harder than it should. However, you should be able to get fifteen to twenty degrees below the temperatures outside with good installation and a AC unit that is working as it should.

Have You Talked to Your Family About Thermostat Rules?

One way to wear down your unit and need more frequent AC repairs is to have numerous people controlling the thermostat. Whether you and your spouse continually set the temperature differently throughout the day remotely or inside, or you have kids or roommates that go behind you to adjust the thermostat, you will need to have a chat with everyone about the temperatures to set and the basic rules so your unit doesn’t work extra hard.

Have You Invested in a New Thermostat?

If you want to save money on your energy bill and have fewer AC repairs, then check the age of your thermostat. A new thermostat will give you more control over the temperatures and allow you to set reminders for filter changes and other tasks. Plus, they are an affordable way to enhance your air conditioning unit. Ask a professional about your options and get them involved when you want to have a unit that lasts.

What Happens When You Tackle AC Repair on Your Own

What Happens When You Tackle AC Repair on Your Own

If you have noticed that your cooling system is not working the way it should, you may immediately go to the computer and start searching for the best way to fix the problem. One reason many people do this is because they think that they can save a little time and money. Plus, it can feel like we are living in a time when so much information is at our fingertips about AC repair and other home improvement projects that it makes sense to DIY. However, before you jump into a job that requires you to gain a little knowledge about AC repair, here are a few things that can happen when you try to tackle it without the professionals by your side.

You Spend Money on Tools and Equipment

Now there are some aspects of AC repair that homeowners can tackle on their own, and that you will have everything at your home for. However, as the problem gets bigger and more complicated, you will find yourself running around town trying to find the right tools and equipment. Plus, not all tutorials will be clear about the exact tools you need and it will feel like trial and error. When you don’t use the proper tools and techniques when it comes to AC repair, trust that you can do more harm than good.

You Lose Your Weekend

While you may think the AC repair will only take a little bit of time, when you aren’t confident with what you are doing or familiar with the process, you may not realize how much time you will log. When the first repair you perform does not fix the issue, you will find yourself continuing further down the rabbit hole to learn what is wrong. Going this route can add hours, if not days, to your AC repair.

You May Not Be Aware of the Safety Procedures

Trying to repair your cooling system can not only result in a loss of time and money, but it can be dangerous. When you do not understand the components of an air conditioning, then it is crucial that you let the exerts handle repairs to ensure you stay safe.

You May or May Not Fix the Problem

When you DIY AC repair, you may or may not completely fix the problem, or worse yet, you have an emergency during the process and have to turn your unit off until the pros can arrive and take a look. If you do think you fixed the issue, there is a chance that it will return later, and you never know when this can happen from the middle of the night to during a gathering of friends.

You Can Spend More Money Than Calling in the Pros

Once you have performed the AC repair, you may realize that after factoring the tools you bought, the time you spent having to learn and complete the task, you would have actually saved money by just calling in the professionals. Plus, you wouldn’t have the headaches that come with AC repair. While you should keep up with your AC maintenance, when it comes to repairs, let the experts handle the job.

Why You May Need AC Repairs with a New Unit

Why You May Need AC Repairs with a New Unit

When you have invested in a new air conditioner, then you may finally have peace of mind that you won’t be worrying about expensive AC repairs for quite some time. But then one day, you wake up to discover that you don’t have the air flow you should, your cooling system isn’t turning on at all, or your energy bill is oddly high. When this happens, you have to call in the pros for AC repair, and here are a few reasons why you may need to involve the experts not long after a new unit is installed.

You May Have Had the Wrong Size Unit Installed

One of the most important tips when having a new air conditioning unit installed is to make sure you go with a reputable company. Amateurs may slip up on measurements or won’t have an understanding of the sizes of units designed for specific square footages. When a wrong-sized unit is installed, then your cooling system will struggle to meet the comfort level needs of your space whether you have commercial or residential property. This will leave you with a unit that needs AC repairs more frequently and a higher energy bill.

You May Have Had Amateurs Remove the Old System

Some people will offer to remove your old unit because they want the scrap metal while others think it will save them a little money to DIY this job, but you should be very cautious. You don’t want to take out certain components like ductwork, and you want to be sure you are handling the air conditioner in a safe way. If you want to ensure a smooth install that won’t cost you extra money, then make sure professionals remove the old system.

The Ductwork May Not Be the Right Size

If you have an AC repair company that installs a unit without checking the size of the ductwork, then you may have problems early on with air flow. The most reputable companies will check everything from the ductwork to the thermostat so that each aspect is covered and you’re left with a comfortable home.

The Filters May Not Be Cleaned and Changed Enough

When you get a new unit, you might need to adjust the frequency that you change filters. Just because your unit is brand new and more efficient doesn’t mean that it collects less dust and dander. Keep up with this to ensure you don’t see problems early in the lifespan of your unit and to prevent future AC repair.

You May Think Your Unit Is Younger Than It Is

Sometimes you need to go back to the paperwork of when the unit is installed because you may not realize that your air conditioner is actually older than it is. Because a quality installation and premium HVAC system will have a long lifespan that can last anywhere from ten years plus, it can be easy to think your five-year-old system is a little over two years.

Who Can You Rely on For AC Repair?

Who Can You Rely on For AC Repair?

When it comes to AC repair, we tend to ask people from all walks of life what they think the problem is from co-workers to family members. However, you have to be careful where you gather your information because you don’t want to end up causing more damage due to bad data. Here we review a few trusted sources that you can go to for quality advice and service when your air conditioner isn’t working quite right and you think you need a repair.

The Experts

There are some outstanding AC experts in the industry and you want to be sure that this is where you begin your quest for knowledge about AC repairs. You can find experts online that will help you identify common issues and let you know what will be a simple repair you can fix on your own and which ones will require that you call in the professionals. However, you should be mindful when you are looking at sources online and make sure that they are certified and trustworthy. The best bet is to find a company that has a brick and mortar office in your area.


You can rely on your skills for minor AC repairs if you are confident in doing the job yourself. Over the years, many homeowners do learn a thing or two about how to spot issues and can then resolve them on their own. As long you know your limitations and educate yourself on the best safety rules and accurate practices, you can accomplish quite a bit. But when even the slightest amount of doubt crosses your mind, call in the experts because you can’t leave this up to guesswork or you’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Your Landlord or Property Manager

If you live in an apartment or lease office space and you notice that you need an AC repair, don’t try to fix it yourself. Speak with your landlord or property manager to find out if they need to call in the experts or if you do, and get information about payment and other factors that concern you. Getting the issue resolved quickly is important, but you also want to ensure it is done correctly and that all parties involved understand how to move forward.

A Local AC Repair Company

Going local when it comes to AC repair is important because you won’t have to worry about finding them when something goes wrong. When someone sweeps into town during the peak season (such as right as the weather gets warm) and everyone starts turning on the units, you’ll find that they may do a quick job that lasts for a little bit, but can’t be found when you need the same AC repair again. Going with a local company that has a good reputation will be a wise choice and one that you can call on for years down the road.