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For all of your AC repair needs in the Gulf Coast Peaden Air Conditioning is ready for you. Since 1969, Peaden has been serving the Gulf Coast and is rated as the best air conditioning service around. If you need quick and reliable AC repair, then contact us at Peaden where we are the “Professionals You Can Trust.” We provide the most professional and timely AC service for the Gulf Coast, so contact us today. We service all of the wonderful Gulf Coast communities, including Pensacola, Fort Walton BeachPanama City and others. When you have AC service needs, Peaden is the one to rely on to help your family stay cool and comfortable.

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  • Professional in appearance
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  • Reliable and on time

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Attention

Warm Air Blowing From the Vents

There are numerous reasons why your air conditioner may not be blowing cold air and needs an AC service. Your air filter may need to be changed, the refrigerant may be running low, or any other simple problems may have occurred. If you have warm air blowing from the vents, we recommend having one of our Peaden service technicians look at your unit. It could require AC repair, such as coils that are clogged or dirty, a fan condenser that may be broken, or duct obstructions.

Air Conditioner Does Not Run

If you have not used your AC system for a while, there could be problems. Our professional AC repair technicians can see if you are having a thermostat problem or if there are any electrical issues that may need to be dealt with to get your air conditioner running in top condition again.

Air Is Not Blowing from Your Vents

If your air filter has not been changed properly or if there are any obstructions in the air ducts, you could have an issue with air flow. There could also be other issues like a blower motor that may need inspection. Our courteous AC service technicians can help you find the solution.

Your AC System Is Leaking Water

Your air conditioner helps to remove moisture from the air around your home. Once it collects the moisture, it removes it through a drain line that needs to be cleaned out occasionally. This is an AC service that is easily taken care of by a Peaden professional. Other reasons for leaking may require more extensive repair, but our experts can handle that for you.

HVAC Turns Off and On Regularly

If your system is not the proper size for your home or if a relay switch stops working properly, it can cause your air conditioner to not work properly. A standard AC repair visit from Peaden could diagnose and fix this issue.

For all of your AC repair needs, contact Peaden for courteous and professional service on the Gulf Coast.



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