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5 Tips to Prevent Minor AC Repairs from Becoming Major Problems

Saturday, May 5th, 2018


Dealing with AC repairs is never something that homeowners want to do, but it is something that they need to do. When you don’t take care of AC repairs right away, it won’t take long for the problem to become worse. After all, your heating and cooling system isn’t going to repair itself! While it may be easy to ignore minor fixes, or you may get forgetful as you go through your weekly schedule, you should be mindful that this can turn into a major problem. When a minor AC repair turns into a major one, then the cost is more expensive, and the sense of urgency is much greater. To avoid this from happening, here are 5 tips to keep small issues from becoming big ones.

#1: Check and Change Your Filter

If you notice your air conditioning is not performing like it should, take a quick peek at the filter to see if it’s clogged. Often, a clogged filter can prevent the system from working at full capacity and it can cause AC repairs to occur prematurely. By paying attention to filters, you can reduce the number of both major and minor repairs, as well as increase the lifespan of your unit.

#2: Schedule an Appointment with the AC Repair Technician ASAP

At the first sign of an AC repair, call a technician to inspect the unit and correct the issue. Don’t put this call off because the unit is working okay, but just not as well as it could. The more you run the system, the harder other parts will have to work to keep up and soon these will start to break down too.

#3: Don’t Ignore or Try to Push Through the Signs of an AC Repair

You should never ignore the signs that you need an AC repair or push through the uncomfortable temperatures. Sure, when the repair is minor, your unit probably still functions, but it will only be a matter of time before you have an emergency on your hands. The longer you put it off, the costly the repair can get. Think of it like a domino effect where one small issue leads to another one, and another one, until you have an unavoidable situation on your hands.

#4: Learn the Early Warning Signs That You Need a Repair

You can’t get an AC repair if you aren’t aware that you need one. Learn the early warning signs that you need a repair like low airflow and strange sounds, so you can reach out to a technician as soon as you notice the trouble.

#5: When in Doubt, Schedule a Maintenance Check

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need an AC repair, schedule a maintenance check so the technician can do a complete inspection and identify any trouble spots. Even if you don’t need an AC repair, you will still benefit from an annual inspection because the pros get into every nook and cranny to keep buildup away and your system working in prime condition.

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When’s the Last Time You Had Annual AC Maintenance? Here’s Why It Matters!

Friday, April 20th, 2018


If someone asked you when the last time your annual AC maintenance was, and you find yourself scratching your head thinking because you can’t remember, it’s a good time to schedule that appointment with a reputable AC repair company. While you may not think that this is an important step of routine care of your heating and cooling system, trust that it is. If you’re skeptical about getting annual AC maintenance, or you are always opting to complete other tasks on your to-do list, here are a few reasons why it matters, and you need to bump it to the top of your list.

Yearly Maintenance Allows Your System to Run More Efficiently

Yearly maintenance for your HVAC system is ideal when you want it to run more efficiently. The experts clean the buildup in tough spots and tune up parts of the motor that require it. With the professional maintenance, you can reach desired temperatures, improve indoor air quality, and keep energy bills low. Not only that, but you don’t have to stress when you have company over or go on vacation since your unit is running at optimal levels.

The Professionals Detect Troubles Before They Get Out of Control

Because an air conditioning unit is a complex piece of equipment, it’s crucial that you let the expert inspect the system once a year. They’ll detect areas that are weak and could cause you problems in the near future, so you aren’t left in a situation where they break when the weather is at its worst.

You Avoid AC Repairs (And Save Money!)

By scheduling annual maintenance, you’ll avoid AC repairs that could have been major and costly. The experts keep everything on the up and up, and they can identify small repairs that you may not have been alerted to you. When you have fewer AC repairs, you save money in the long run.

The Air Conditioner Has a Longer Lifespan

When you treat your AC unit like the investment it is, you’ll discover that you can make it last. When you take care of the routine maintenance at home like changing filters as well as having the experts come out once a year, the lifespan of the air conditioner will be longer. Even if you expand the lifespan of your unit by one year, you can see significant savings over the course of time, and these can be put towards other home improvement projects.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Is Convenient and Affordable

It’s a simple solution that can save you hundreds, if not thousands over the years, and annual HVAC maintenance is convenient. Choose a time that makes the most sense for your needs such as in the spring and fall when the weather is nice. This way, you’re prepared for when temperatures outside getting extremely hot and you can have confidence the cooling system has been serviced by the pros.

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Friday, January 5th, 2018

Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical wants to make sure you are always happy with our work and service, as well as recommend…

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Know these 7 Signs of AC Repair

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


Whether you are trying to prevent AC repair, or you want to know what the signs are that you may require the professionals, you will have to pay attention to your unit. One of the first steps is to find an AC repair company that is reputable and local to ensure that you get an affordable price and the problem is dealt with in a thorough manner. Here we provide a quick checklist of signs that you need AC repair, and a few ways to prevent them from happening prematurely.

#1: Noises

Your air conditioning unit should make normal noises that mean it is working effectively, and you should pay attention to these from time to time so you know what they sound like. However, when you start to hear strange clicking, banging, popping, and other sounds, then you should make a note of it and then schedule an appointment to have a professional diagnose the problem.

#2: Filters

When you check and change your filters, if you discover they are clogged each time, then you not only need to start changing them more frequently, but you should have your unit checked out. Filters will cause a unit to prematurely need AC repairs and can lower the quality of the air in your home.

#3: Water Buildup

If you start to notice that you have excessive water buildup around the outside of your unit, or that you have unusual condensation around your vents, then call the professionals. You don’t want to try to handle water buildup on your own because electricity will be involved and it will be dangerous. A professional AC repair company will be able to let you know what is normal and what isn’t when it comes to water.

#4: Air Flow

The air flow of your air conditioner can tell you a lot about what condition your unit is in. Take the time to check the air flow when you are turning your unit on, and watch out that it is not running continually.

#5: Energy Bill

Your energy bill can tell you a lot about your air conditioning and it will alert you when you have a problem and need an AC repair. If you start to notice that it is gradually rising, then have an expert come out and inspect the unit to make sure it is not being overworked and costing you money.

#6: Thermostat

Your thermostat is important when it comes to preventing and detecting AC repairs, and you can stay on top of cooling system care when you apply the right settings. Make sure that you are reaching comfortable temperatures and that your thermostat is accurately reading your settings.

#7: Yearly Service Calls

The best way to take care of AC repairs and to keep them from happening is to schedule your yearly maintenance call. The professionals will clean, diagnose, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Trust that your air conditioner can run in prime condition for years to come when you provide it with a little TLC and attention.

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Air Conditioning History Is Part of Gulf Coast History

Friday, April 14th, 2017


Air Conditioning History Is Part of Gulf Coast History

Everyone living on the Gulf Coast in the Cities of Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Pensacola should know the history of the air conditioner because it took place in their back yard. Air conditioning is a necessity on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Even though many people consider air conditioning a necessity, they do not know who invented it or where it was created. Many Florida residents would be shocked to find out that the origins of the air conditioner go back to a small town east of Panama City.

The beginnings of the mechanical air conditioning and refrigeration began in the town of Apalachicola. Apalchicola is a small town located south east of Tallahassee in Northwest Florida. In 1833, A doctor named John Gorrie moved from New York to Apalachicola. At the time, Appalachicola had become the center of a large timber industry. The thriving timber industry drew many people to Apalachicola. Because Apalachicola is on the gulf coast of Florida, it experiences warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. These factors combined with the swamplands around the Apalachicola River basin caused many people in the area to suffer diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Gorrie moved to Apalachicola to study the tropical diseases. Gorrie believed that the heat had something to do with the illness because malaria and yellow fever were very prevalent in tropical areas. The word malaria acutally means bad air in Italian and Gorrie believed that the air and the heat was causing the illness.

Gorrie believed that the cure for these illnesses lied with cool, clean air. He began subjecting his patients to cooler temperatures in order to heal them. In the 1800’s the only way to cool his patients was to use ice. At that time ice was hard to come by in Florida. To get ice in Florida, blocks of ice were cut from lakes up north and shipped south. In order to keep the blocks they were placed in ice houses underground. As you can imagine this was a very expensive way to cool patients and Gorrie began to search for a better way. Gorrie began to experiment with a way to make ice. He began to work on what would become the beginnings of mechanical refrigeration.

Gorrie’s experiments would lead him to use mechanical energy to compress air. By compressing air and then releasing it, Gorrie found that the air would absorb heat and this would eventually chill what ever was in contact with the cylinder. Gorrie had discovered that when air is compressed and released it expands and absorbes large amounts of heat. When this process is repeated many times the air would eventually remove heat from the water that surrounded the cylinder. Eventually, this machine would cool the water enough to turn it into ice. In 1948, Gorrie filed the first patent for an artificial refrigeration machine. Granted on May 6, 1851 the U.S. Patent No. 8080, “Improved process for the artificial production of ice” was official.

After his patent was officially granted, Gorrie would become the Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Many experiments in refrigeration were being conducted at that time but Gorrie was the first to patent a mechanical refrigeration machine. It would be many years after Gorrie’s patent that refrigeration and air condition would make it into modern lives. Although Gorrie was unable to capitalized off of is invention, his contributions to mechanical refrigeration have impacted the lives of many in the modern world.

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Services Offered by Most AC Repair Companies

Friday, April 7th, 2017


If you’re unfamiliar with the services provided by air conditioning companies or you’re unsure of what to look for in an AC repair company, here is a brief review of the services that most AC companies offer. Whether you need a unit installation, AC repair or regular maintenance, you’ll be able to decide which service is right for you.

AC Installation

If you’re looking to install a brand new air conditioning system, most companies can help in finding and choosing the right unit for you. With their expertise and experience, they may offer a variety of AC systems that may be ideal for your home. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, a “smart” system, or money savings, an AC repair company can help you chose the right air conditioning system for you. They keep you in mind by giving you the best possible system for your particular home, including one that requires the least amount of maintenance and will help you avoid any unnecessary future AC repair.

AC Repair

The majority of AC repair companies offer 24/7 emergency repairs. Any company that offers this type of service is considered a good choice because of their willingness to serve at any time. Scheduling AC repair, even for just a minor issue, will save you money in the long run. Small repairs will generally keep you from having to make large repairs that will, of course, be significantly more costly.

Discounts and Deals on Air Conditioning Equipment

Many AC repair companies will offer discounts on air conditioners and their components when you schedule an installation or repair with their company. These companies can make recommendations about the best brands, units, and parts for your particular home and budget, so discussing the entire process of buying, installing, and repairing with them will only prove to be beneficial in the end. Many AC repair companies also offer extended warranties on your purchases, sometimes at a discounted rate, to ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioning system.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Many companies will complete regular maintenance checks for you, particularly before extreme weather seasons take place, to ensure that your unit and all of its components are working properly. An AC repair technician will come by and make sure your air conditioning system is running smoothly and at peak performance levels. This allows you the peace of mind that a professional is keeping an eye on your unit, while also maintaining the system and helping you to hopefully avoid any emergency AC repair. Regular maintenance generally includes changing the filters, inspecting and cleaning coils, removing any clogs, and looking at your unit overall to ensure everything is in proper working order.

These services are offered by most AC repair companies, including Peaden. Whether you need an installation, repair, new parts, or regular maintenance, we can help. If you are unaware and unsure of what service is right for you, please feel free to contact us.

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Cleaning your AC Unit: What a Quality AC Repair Company Does

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017


Whether you own multiple commercial air conditioning units or you have a single HVAC unit for your home, you’ll need to have your system cleaned over time. While you can do your part and keep up with some of the cleaning on your own, make sure that you call in the pros to do a yearly service so that you know every nook and cranny got attention. Here are the areas that a quality AC repair company will clean so that your unit has longevity and stays durable throughout its lifespan.


Coils are an important part your heating and cooling system, and when you don’t have them cleaned, then you’ll find yourself calling for more AC repairs than you bargained for. Don’t skip those routine maintenance calls each year if you want to keep your coils clean and your unit functioning like new.


When you want your air conditioner working in an efficient manner and saving you money on your energy bill, make sure AC registers are professionally cleaned. When you have clogged and dirty registers, then ventilation and air flow won’t be as good and your unit will have to work much harder than it should.


Most homeowners know how important it is to change filters at least once a month. However, a quality AC repair company will offer guidance and will clean these when necessary. Commercial air conditioning systems will demand a little more attention because many have filters that are removed, cleaned, and then replaced versus the disposable options.

Air Handler

For your AC unit to properly distribute air, the air handler must be cleaned, and you want to make sure you have someone experienced handling the project. This will also help prevent AC repairs in the future and will make your home more comfortable.


Your ducts will need to be cleaned because of the dirt and dust that can collect and cause clogs that will affect the way the air flows. If you have pets or a large number of foot traffic in your commercial property or home, then you may find that you need to have this job completed more often.

Blower Fans

The blower fans will need to be cleaned to help keep your AC unit working in prime condition, and a professional will show up with the best equipment and techniques to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. You’ll want to ensure that each aspect of your heating and air unit is cleaned with care and handled with integrity.

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Everywhere in Between

The best AC repair companies will know to clean everything above that can collect the dirt, dust, and dander that can affect the working parts. However, as they complete the cleaning of your unit, they’ll be paying attention to the entire system and responding to areas that demand attention. If you have hard-to-reach places that need to be cleaned, be sure you call in the pros to tackle the job so that you know it was done correctly.

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AC Repair Prevention Methods Beyond Maintaining Your Unit

Saturday, December 10th, 2016


Most people know that to prevent an AC repair, you’ll need to have those yearly services from a professional to clean coils and perform other maintenance, as well as do your own part and change filters, clean debris, and pay attention to the daily sounds of your unit. However, there are a few other home improvements you can make to give your unit longevity so that it doesn’t have to work so hard when the weather is hot. Here are a few ways that you can prevent an AC repair beyond the routine maintenance that you already provide.

Check Your Windows for Drafts

If windows, doors, and other openings to your home have drafts or leaking air, then your air conditioning is going to be working extra to combat the temperatures. If you can’t or don’t want to invest in more energy efficient windows, then take the time to have the weak spots sealed so that air isn’t escaping. Not only will this prevent future AC repairs from happening prematurely, but it will lower your energy bill so you can enjoy the savings in more areas than one.

Use Ceiling Fans Wisely

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to help keep a room cool and give your AC unit a break from time to time. When you want to prevent air conditioning repairs, you won’t want your unit to have to be on 24/7 blowing air. It’s important that it gets a chance to rest when the weather gets a little cooler, and you can enjoy a day with the ceiling fans on and the unit off. Be mindful that you have the fan spinning the correct way for optimal use in the summer. And in the winter, many fans will have an adjustment to spin the blades in the opposite direction so that hot air is pushed down instead of up.

Add Extra Insulation

Make sure that your attic and walls are properly insulated because air can escape and enter through the walls. This is important to preventing an AC repair because your unit will be able to fill the room with the desired temperature of air and it will not exit through the walls, making your unit stay on more often than it should have to. There are some very easy ways to insulate your attic and walls such as blown-in foam, and your AC repair company will be an excellent resource when you want to learn more about insulating your home.

Look Into an Upgrade

If you’ve been trying to prevent an AC repair only to discover that they are coming quicker and with a higher price tag, then the best prevention may be to invest a new unit. An upgrade will give you the latest technology and provide you with the most energy efficiency, and you won’t have to worry about an AC repair anytime soon. Air conditioning units have a certain lifespan, and even when you keep yours in pristine condition, there will be a time for an upgrade. The longer you put it off, the more AC repairs you’ll need, and a new unit will stop the cycle so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

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Design and Build With Peaden

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


Peaden is equipped to handle your design and build project from inception to completion.

Our skilled drafters and designers rely on years of field experience to create modeling and preliminary drawings. After conceptualization, Peaden will create detailed drawings of the project, making sure to give attention to all important factors including cost efficiency and risk mitigation.

Upon completion of the detailed drawings, our fabrication and construction team will complete the project in accordance with your design plan. Our highly trained staff will ensure that a quality job is done in all phases of the development. Once the project is complete, we are always there to make sure the facility is operating as you intended.


  • Faster Delivery
  • Cost Savings
  • Better Quality
  • Singular Responsibility
  • Decreased Administrative Burden
  • Reduced Risk

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