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Sounds That Indicate It’s Time to Call a Plumber


Knowing when it’s the right time to call upon the expertise of a plumber can be difficult.  While some sounds in homes are normal, it can be unnerving to hear noises that might be related to plumbing problems.  If you are unsure whether or not to its time to call a plumber, here is a list of common plumbing sounds you might hear and what they could mean.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises coming from sink or tub drains could be a sign of needing plumbing repairs.  The gurgling noise happens because of a blockage in the drains that isn’t allowing water to drain properly.  This means the drain vents aren’t working properly.  Without proper venting, air bubbles get into the drain, block the water from draining correctly, and cause a gurgling sounds.  Call an experienced plumber to come out and vent your drains to remove air bubbles and allow water to drain quickly without being slowed down by blockage from an air bubble.  If necessary, a plumber can also replace drains when needed.

Shaking Sounds

Running water often causes pipes to shake, so this isn’t always an indicator of a major problem.  However, if the sound is so loud that you can hear it throughout the house, it could mean your pipes aren’t fastened securely.  Loose pipes can cause extensive damage if they were to break or require repairs.  Check the mounting straps and tighten them if necessary.  Replace any old or worn part pipes to ensure everything is in proper working order.  If you are uncomfortable performing plumbing repairs on your own, call on the experts at Peaden to tighten straps or replace parts.

Whining Sounds

Turning on a faucet only to hear a whining sound when the water comes out is never a good sign.  This sounds usually means that a part within the faucet is broken.  The best solution is to install a new faucet. If this is not your area of expertise, contact an expert to remove the broken faucet and install a new one to get rid of the whining noise that happens when the faucet is turned on.

Banging Sounds

Loud banging sounds are probably one of the most common sounds you might hear when turning on running water.  This noise is caused by the water hammer.  Water hammers open and close, stopping water from flowing.  The water hammer opening and closing often can cause damage to pipes and loosen parts which might lead to needing repairs.  If you hear a continual banging sound, it could be the water hammer banging against the pipes as it opens and closes.  To avoid more costly repairs in the future, contact a professional plumber to come and inspect the source of the banging noise and make any necessary plumbing repairs. 

Don’t let unnerving plumbing noise cause constant worry that a plumbing issue is going to arise at any moment.  Contact Peaden for all your plumbing needs.



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