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Water Heater Replacement Costs To Heat Up in 2015


Water Heater Units Will Cost Homeowners More After April 2015

Starting April 16, 2015, the Department of Energy (DOE) will require that water heater replacements and new water heater installs meet new energy efficiency requirements, so now is the time to schedule the water heater replacement you have been planning as prices for water heater units and installation costs are set to go up as a result of the new mandate effective month.


The Energy Conservation Act of 1987, or NAECA, allows the DOE to set energy standards for certain home appliances, which includes electric, gas and oil water heaters being manufactured, and regulate energy consumption of home appliances. One purpose of the law was to establish uniform efficiency standards for home appliances across all states, allowing the government to increase the energy efficiency of appliances, which they plan to do starting next month.


New water heaters under the new mandate will not be the same as water heaters manufactured in the past. The first change that homeowners will see is prices go up for water heater replacement and installation. Because of the new efficiency standards, new water heaters will cost more to manufacture, and this will directly impact consumers.

The newly designed water heaters will be larger in size and may not fit into existing spaces that your current water heater occupies. The new energy efficient water heaters will approximately two inches taller and two inches wider. This could cause problems for homeowners and condo owners who have limited space for their water heater unit. Existing water heater closets may not be able to accommodate the new water heaters and may require modifications. However, Peaden has the tools and expertise to ensure that your new water heater replacement will comply with the new requirements and will fit correctly work properly for your home.

Are You Prepared For the New Water Heater Requirements?

What You Should Know:

After April 16, 2015, the price of water heaters will increase. Which means now is the time to replace your water heater! After April 16, 2015, new water heater replacements and installs will cost more to consumers. Contact Peaden, and we can give you an estimate to replace your existing water heater.  We have plenty of efficiency standard water heaters in stock that will meet the new requirements set to be enforced.

New water heaters may not be able to fit where the existing water heater is located. The new water heaters will be larger in size, and this may cause some issues for homeowners. If the water heater does not fit in the existing space, homeowners may be required to modify the space or upgrade to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are typically smaller than conventional water heaters. Peaden carries many different make and model tankless water heats and standard water heaters.

Homeowners with existing water heaters will not be required by law to upgrade. This law does not affect existing water heaters in your home. It simply states that all new water heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015 will be required to be more energy efficient. However, if you are planning for a water heater replacement in the near future, now is the time to schedule your service appointment before the cut-off date.

Changing your water heater is NOT a do it yourself (DIY) project! Water heater installation is a complicated project, and you should consult with a licensed plumbing contractor to perform your water heater replacement. Depending on what type of water heater unit you have installed, you could be dealing with exhaust systems, copper brazing, and gas plumbing. Peaden replaces and installs water heaters. Please call us, and we will have one of our comfort specialists give you a free estimate.

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