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Top Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioners


At Peaden, we have the best and most professional ac repair experts. If you are in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, or Panama City, we look forward to working with you. Today, we would like to discuss the top things you need to know about air conditioners. There are many different types of ac units and different issues that might arise. Knowing this information can help you more than you might realize.

Changing Filters

One of the most common ac repair issues we face is problems with a filter. If you are experiencing ac efficiency issues, a dirty filter may be your problem. When you are looking to get a new air filter, you want one with the highest MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value. You can contact Peaden to find out more about air filters and ac units.


Your air ducts can lose a lot of airflow just from leaks. Unfortunately, ac units that are put into windows are well-known seal issues. If you put an incense by the unit and smoke blows around it, this means you have a leak. If you have a central AC unit, hold the incense near the connections on the ducts. There are many ways to repair leaks. Get a hold of Peaden to find out more.

Service Compressor

There is a service compressor, as well as a condenser, in your ac unit. Many times, when it comes to ac repair issues, this is a problem. Many issues are when leaves, shrubs, and tall grass are growing or blowing too close to the compressor or condenser. You can easily clear these things away. If there are issues with these things, your ac unit won’t work properly. Contact Peaden to get ac repair services for your compressor or condenser.

AC Unit Maintenance

It is also very important to keep up with the maintenance on your ac unit. There are many issues that can arise if you don’t properly maintain your ac unit.  First, it should be cleaned once a year, minimum. Peaden can do this for you. You should also have a checkup done on it before the summer hits. The inspection should include verifying temperatures for operation, checking the refrigerant and the pressures, inspecting safeties and controls, checking and cleaning fans and blowers, lubricating bearings and motors, adjusting the fan belts, replacing the fan belts, managing the air filters, and cleaning the coils.

Upgrading Your AC Unit

If you have an older ac unit, it may be time to upgrade it. There are many newer ac units that may be a better fit for your home. You can talk to the ac experts at Peaden to find out more about the newer air conditioning units.

If you are having any issues with your ac unit, contact Peaden right away to speak to one of our ac repair experts. If you are dealing with the above issues, let us know and we will be happy to help you.



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