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Subtle Signs You Should Call a Plumber


There are many obvious signs that you should call a plumber for a repair or inspection. And then there are those signs that are a bit more subtle than water spraying uncontrollably from a pipe or a large puddle that could only be caused by a leak. While subtle signs that you should call a plumber can be a challenge to detect, you should still make note of these and never ignore them. Here we’ve listed just a few of the signs you should call a plumber, so you can look back to it for future reference.

You Notice an Increase in Your Water Bill

Even if you don’t see where a leak is coming from or notice it at all, you will still have to pay for that additional water that is being released, and you’ll see this on your water bill. When your water bill keeps going up and you don’t know why, call a plumber to complete an inspection. Once they have detected the trouble spot, the plumber will provide you with a solution.

A Steady Drip Is Coming from Your Faucet

If you have a small and steady drip coming from your faucet, you are letting money go down your drain in a few different ways. Once again, you’ll be responsible for the water you’re losing on your bill. Plus, you’ll have to replace your fixtures more often, and you’ll notice that you have to clean the corrosion more often around the handles and spout.

You Detect Extra Moisture Under the Sink

If you detect extra moisture in places like under the sink that it shouldn’t be occurring, it’s time to call a plumber. The extra moisture can be from a leak that you don’t see, or it could just be occurring when you turn the water on and not when you’re rummaging under the sink. Extra moisture will cause problems in the future such as mold and deterioration of the structure, so be mindful that you correct this issue before it becomes more expensive.

Showers and Sinks Are Running Out of Hot Water Quickly

When the hot water in the shower runs out faster than normal or you notice that you can’t get through a round of washing dishes without it turning lukewarm, then a plumber needs to inspect your hot water heater. In some cases, a simple tune-up or adjustment will do the job, and in others, you’ll need a replacement or repair.

Water Sputters Out of the Faucet

If a few air bubbles escape your faucet every time you turn it on, you should call a plumber to detect the underlying problem before it gets worse. Water sputtering out of the faucets may occur if the water has been shut off for a little while or if you don’t use the faucet routinely, but if it happens multiple times a day, let the expert plumbers get the situation resolved for you.



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