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Back to Basics: Signs You Need an AC Repair


Every now and then it’s important to get back to basics when it comes to your heating and cooling unit. Going over the signs that you need an AC repair is always a good thing to do from time to time. Not only does catching AC repairs early help you save money and prevent major repairs, but it keeps your home comfortable and your indoor air quality at good levels. While there are other signs that you need an AC repair, the ones listed below are the most common and the easiest to recognize.

Odd Noises

If you hear odd noises coming from your heating and cooling unit, contact a technician to diagnose the problem. You want to be careful not to try to correct the problem yourself because certain noises will be created by an issue involving the electrical work. To ensure everything is done safely and the unit works properly again, get the pros involved from the start.

No or Low Air Flow

If there is low to now air flow, you definitely have a problem and there are few things that you can do before call the AC repair technician. Make sure all of the vents are opened and they aren’t covered with furniture. Also, check the filter to ensure it isn’t clogged. You should also check your thermostat to ensure that it is reading the temperature correctly. Schedule an appointment with an AC repair company to inspect the unit and repair the problem.

Continual Airflow

In the same vein as no air flow, continual air flow should alert you that you need a repair. You don’t want your unit running all of the time because this will cause components to prematurely break due to the wear and tear. You’ll also have a very large energy bill when this happens.

Frequent AC Repairs

If you have frequent AC repair, then it’s vital that you have a pro come check out your unit. In some cases, the age of your unit will be the cause of frequent repairs and you should start to consider purchasing a new and more efficient HVAC system. In other cases, frequent AC repairs may be caused from an installation that wasn’t performed with precision or repairs that were previously glossed over.

Not Reaching Desired Temperatures

Reaching the desired temperature should not be difficult for your heating and cooling system when you use the best practices. When the unit struggles to reach the temperature you set, get in touch with a technician and perhaps consider a new thermostat that gives you even more control.

Abnormally High Energy Bills

Pay attention to your energy bills if you want to detect AC repairs. While the bill will often be higher at the peak of the season when the temperatures are extreme, it shouldn’t be consistently like that throughout the year. When your system is need of an AC repair, components have to work harder to keep up, and your energy bill will show you this.



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