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5 Signs You May Need an AC Repair


Nothing beats the cool air of an air conditioning unit. Often, the only time you notice when AC repair is needed is when the system stops working completely. Then, you’re at the mercy of seasonal high temperatures and sometimes unbearable humidity.

Just like any mechanical or electrical system, your AC unit won’t go on forever, and sometimes a part just comes to the end of its natural life. Alternatively, if you neglect your annual servicing, then parts won’t last as long nor will your air conditioning unit work as efficiently.

Your air conditioning unit may not have given up completely, it may not be working well or not cooling properly. Either way you’re going to need an AC professional when things go wrong.

Do You Need an AC Repair Professional?

When it comes to AC repair, there are a number of indicators things have gone wrong or what may be the cause, and if there is anything you can do before you call out the professionals.

  1. Your air conditioner isn’t working. If your air conditioning unit has given up completely, check the thermostat and make sure your fuses haven’t blown or your breaker hasn’t tripped.
  1. No cool air is coming from the vents. Again, check your thermostat. If the temperature is equal to or above the temperature of the room, then your unit is obviously not going to have the effect of cooling the air.
  1. Your air conditioner is making an unusual noise. It is possible a part needs replacing, and there is little you can do if you aren’t qualified. Make the call to an AC repair professional.
  1. Your unit is turning on and off on a regular basis. It’s part of the function of air conditioning that it turns off when the air cools to the correct temperature and turns back on again when the temperature rises. If it’s doing so more than it should, then you need to get it checked, as it could be putting stress on parts, which could cause it to fail to work completely.
  1. Water is dripping or leaking from your unit. Condensation is normal. But too much could be an indication of a need for repair. This is especially important as AC units have electrical parts which must be protected from water damage. Don’t ignore unusual levels of moisture coming from your air conditioner and act quickly to get it looked at professionally.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Things may come to your attention gradually, or they may get worse over time. Don’t ignore the signs an AC repair may be necessary, as postponing a repair means further damage can be caused to your unit. Ignoring problems may be costly in the long run, or uncomfortable as your AC unit will likely become less effective over time and eventually, fail.

Acting quickly is important for safety reasons as well as financial. Consider the damage water could do to the electrical components of the unit for example. The cost of an AC repair when the problems arise will be less expensive in the long run.



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