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How to Save Yourself the Cost of an Air Conditioning Repair


You cannot avoid occasional repairs to your air conditioning unit. It’s a fact of life that electrical and mechanical equipment will occasionally fail. But you can save on overall costs of running your unit by taking regular steps to improve your energy efficiency.

An air conditioning unit may be a necessity for you. But that doesn’t make the cost of running, servicing and repairing it any easier to bear. You can help prevent the need for an air conditioning repair through annual servicing, and keep running costs down through energy efficient behaviors.

Keeping Running Costs Low

  1. Install and set a programmable thermostat that can help save on heating and cooling costs.
  2. Ceiling fans help increase the comfort temperature of your room by continuously circulating the air. You can comfortably bear a high room temperature if a ceiling fan is helping the flow of air around the room.
  3. Make sure your home is insulated well, as this prevents cool air from escaping into the atmosphere and warmer air, from outside, getting in. Check your attic insulation, and seal any cracks and openings. Insulate and seal ducts, too.
  4. Don’t cool your home with air cooled by your air conditioning and then spend all afternoon cooking with your oven on. Consider using a barbecue or a microwave to cook on a hot day.
  5. You can purchase energy-efficient window coverings that let in natural light but prevent solar heat from penetrating your windows and warming up your home.
  6. Use a bathroom fan when taking a shower or having a bath to help remove heat and humidity from inside your home.

You Can’t Always Prevent Air Conditioning Repair

Older AC units are less energy efficient than newer models. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, and with regular servicing your unit may have come to the end of its life. Keep in mind: if your air conditioning repair bill is rising and if you need it repaired regularly, if your energy bills are still rising, or if it is not as cool as it should be, then it may be time to buy a new unit.

Always Use Your Air Conditioning Properly

Many people simply don’t use their AC properly, or inefficiently. Often it is behavior which makes running an AC system expensive. Common sense practices and regular servicing will help keep your air conditioning running efficiently and well, and could extend the life of the system, saving you expensive repairs.



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