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4 Reasons Your AC Unit May Be Freezing Up


As you fire up your air conditioner during the hot summer months, you may notice ice forming on your unit.  Frozen AC units won’t work properly and are a sign that something could be wrong.  A frozen unit doesn’t have enough power to properly blow air throughout the house.  Here are reasons why your unit may be freezing up.

Yearly Maintenance Checks Are Not Performed

It is recommended that each year, your AC unit gets a proper maintenance check before you turn it on for the summer.  An AC repair technician will come to your house and check all the parts, such as the air filter, fan, compressor, evaporator coils, and thermostat to ensure everything is in proper working order.  Should they notice any issue, they will repair or replace the necessary parts so that your air conditioner will run smoothly all summer long.  If you skip these maintenance checks, then you might begin to encounter problems.  Lack of air flow from a dirty air filter can cause also a unit to freeze up, so be sure to check your air filter each year and replace as needed.  Similarly, a fan that isn’t working properly will not get enough air flow to the evaporator coils.  This too can cause your air conditioner to ice over. Call an experienced AC repair technician to inspect your unit before you run it this summer to avoid costly repairs.

Refrigerant Levels Are Low

Low refrigerant levels is the main cause of frozen AC units.  Proper refrigerant levels are important for the function of your unit, as the refrigerant is essential for cooling the home.  When the refrigerant isn’t changed or checked often, then the coils will freeze up.  If you notice your unit isn’t working or ice has formed on the air conditioner, then call an AC repair technician to check refrigerant levels.

Lack of Airflow

Consistent airflow is essential for an air conditioner to function as well.  If your unit has iced up and you notice a lack of airflow from your return vents, it may be time to contact a professional.  Airflow is necessary for the hot air to be sucked up and passed through the evaporator coils and cool the home. Without the necessary air flow, a unit will freeze up not be able to keep your home cool and comfortable.  Also, be sure registers are open allowing air to pass through as closed registers affect air flow and are another reason AC units ice up.

Drainage Problems

Condensation from an AC unit drains outside, but if the coils aren’t working properly and the unit is frozen, this drain could be blocked from ice.  The unit will still run, but it will use a lot of electricity and won’t cool down the home.  The coils must be unfrozen and the drain unblocked.  Clear all debris and call a professional AC repair technician.  Running your air conditioner with frozen coils will cause larger problem, such as ruining the compressor or other vital components.  It is imperative that frozen coils are fixed to avoid more costly repairs later on down the road.



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