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Why Might You Need AC Repair Services?


If you live in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, or Panama City and you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning system, it may be time to get professional AC repair services. Think about it. How long has it been since you had your air conditioner looked at? If you are having some issues with it, but are avoiding having someone come to take a look, it could end up costing you much more money down the line. You can avoid having your air conditioner completely fail on you by having a Peaden air conditioning expert come repair it today.

Weak Airflow

When you put your hand near the vents in your home when the air conditioning is on, you can figure out whether it is working properly. If you notice there is weak airflow this signifies a problem. Doing this regularly can give you a better idea if the airflow has been reduced. If this is an issue you notice, getting AC repair services from Peaden, sooner rather than later, is a great idea. Our professionals can take a look and make any repairs that might be needed.

Airflow is Not Cold

When you are feeling for how much airflow there is, turn down your thermostat as far down as it goes or down to what you normally keep it at in the warmer months. Do you notice the airflow isn’t as cold as you expected it to be? Is there no cold air coming out at all? If this is a problem, you should make the call to Peaden to have your air conditioner looked at and repaired. If you wait, you could end up with an air conditioner that doesn’t work at all.

No Response From AC After Thermostat Changes

When you change the temperature on your thermostat, do you notice that your air conditioner isn’t responding. This could be a problem with your air conditioner, but it could also be a problem with your thermostat. While many of the issues that occur with air conditioners relate to the ventilation, coolant, condensers, or fans, some issues are with the thermostat. This is something our AC repair experts will figure out for you.

Abnormal Odors or Sounds

When you have your air conditioner running, do you notice any abnormal odors or sounds? If so, this could mean there is a problem with the air conditioner. You might have mold growing throughout the ventilation in your home. A part may have loosened on the air conditioner. There could be many other problems with the AC unit as well. While not every issue requires a replacement part or a full cleaning, it is still best to have a Peaden AC expert assess the problem to figure out what needs to be done.

It can be worrisome when you have issues with your air conditioner. However, an issue doesn’t always mean that the entire AC system needs replaced. Sometimes it is just one part that needs repaired. No matter what is going on with your air conditioning unit, Peaden AC experts have you covered.

Give Peaden a call today and have us assess and repair your AC unit right away.



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