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What Could Possibly Require an AC Repair?


If you have maintained your air conditioner with detailed precision and have done everything you were supposed to, why would you possibly need an AC repair visit? In a perfect world, proper maintenance would prevent the need of an AC repair technician visit, but electronics and motors have certain things that eventually will need attention, no matter how impeccably you maintain your system.

Fan Motor or Compressor

During the summer months when your air conditioner has to run continuously for a good part of the day, it will take a beating. Regular AC repair visits to maintain these vital parts will help, but eventually these items in your exterior unit will go out. Depending on who you talk to, you will get a different idea of how long your AC units should last, but problems can be found much quicker if you have your regular check-ups. Once the fan motor goes out, the compressor cannot operate, and if the compressor goes out, it cannot produce cold air. Either way, it can be very uncomfortable if these items go out during a hot day, so make sure you have a regular service visits to check these important parts.

Refrigeration Leaks

Occasionally a leak can release the refrigerant from your unit so there is no Freon in the unit to cool off your house. AC repair technicians can utilize their professional equipment to find leaks during a maintenance visit. These leaks are not something you can usually find without equipment. It can be frustrating if you have been checking the outside unit like you were told and this still happens. Make sure you have your air conditioner checked before the heat of the summer begins and after summer is over so that any rigorous use to the unit can be found and repaired as needed during the AC repair visit.

Frozen Coil

The above mentioned refrigeration leaks could cause the coils in your outside air conditioner unit to freeze up. When this happens, then the blower motor is usually still blowing, but the air that is coming from your vents is hot. Sometimes this problem can be temporarily remedied by turning off your air conditioner and letting it thaw out. If this occurs, then you need to make sure to schedule an AC repair visit to try and find the cause of the problem before it becomes too serious or causes you to have warm air on a hot day.

Wiring Issues

These AC repairs are less frequent, but your professional technician can locate wiring problems, frayed wires, or even issues from the outside like wildlife creating damage to the wires. The electrical components need to be checked regularly as well so that a fire or other substantial danger doesn’t occur. This is not something that the homeowner will normally check because a lot of the wiring is behind panels or in the attic that they would not normally access. Your AC repair visit could prevent serious issues from occurring with the wiring, so be sure to schedule your regular AC repair check-ups today!



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