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How to Make AC Repairs Less Expensive


Needing a professional AC repair technician to either service the unit at your home or repair it is inevitable. Just like with other large items such as your car, maintaining expensive items can be handled more efficiently by properly taking care of them. If you maintain your air conditioner with a few obvious and easy things, you can make those inevitable AC repair visits easier on your wallet.

Invest in a Quality Thermostat

There are multiple things you can do when it comes to your thermostat. The top priority is to invest in an electronic thermostat that can be programed to adjust the air conditioner throughout the day. This is important because during the summer time when the heat is extremely potent, your air conditioner wants to continue to run all the time. If you have your thermostat set at 72 and the heat outside is over 100, then you can bet that your air conditioner will be running non-stop. With programmable features, you can adjust the temperature during the evening while you are asleep so the unit can rest or even during the day if you are at work and there is no one at home. Many thermostats also allow you to program them to lower the temperature before you get home so you are comfortable when you arrive.

Change the Filter

This seems like a common sense thing, but you would be amazed by the amount of AC repair visits that are requested because the homeowner does not properly and consistently change their filter. This is actually the number one reason for systems having issues because the unit is incapable of blowing clean air due to clogs in the filter. One rule of thumb is to set a specific day, such as the first day of the month, and change the filter that same day every month. Not only will that prevent consistent AC repair visit, it will also help your house to stay more comfortable, the air will be much cleaner, and your power bill will likely be lower.

Clean the Outside Unit

Going outside to do some manual labor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you clean your outside unit regularly, you should not have to be out in the heat for very long. Make sure grass or weeds have not grown up around the unit. Just like you set a reminder to replace your filters, find a time to clean the outside of your unit regularly. Maybe every time you mow the lawn or every time you take the trash can out, just give it a quick once over and remove or cut back any weeds or leaves that have accumulated. Maintaining a clean unit keeps dust and moisture from building up and resulting in an AC repair visit because the system shuts down.

Commit to Regular Check Ups

Always make sure your local professional AC repair technician comes out and checks your air conditioner regularly. Just like other items need maintenance, your air conditioner needs regular AC repair visits to make sure everything is running properly. If you catch a problem early, then your overall cost will likely be much less because the equipment will last longer and you will not have to replace it for years.



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