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Increasing the Longevity of Your Pipes


For those who live in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, or Panama City, it is important to know how to increase the longevity of your pipes. When it comes to the plumbing system in your home or business location, you need to make sure your pipes stay durable and working well. If you don’t increase the longevity of your pipes, it is likely that you will have many more plumbing repair jobs that need to be done. If you already have repairs that need done, call Peaden plumbing repair experts today.

Proper Water Pressure

One of the tips for increasing the longevity of your pipes is to make sure you have the proper water pressure. If your water pressure is too high, it is likely to cause strain on your pipes. The connections between your pipes can wear out faster, as well. The PSI at your home should be under 85 to keep your pipes safe. If you don’t currently have a water pressure gauge, you should check into getting one.

No Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemicals can be harmful to put down your drain pipes. They will eat away what is stuck in your pipes. However, once they have gotten the junk out of your pipes, the chemicals will continue eating away at your pipes, too. If you want to increase the longevity of your pipes, be sure you don’t use chemical drain cleaners.

Take Care of Leaks Right Away

If you have any leaks in your pipes, you need to contact Peaden plumbing repair experts to handle these leaks right away. The longer you leave a leak, the bigger the problem is going to turn into. It might seem like a small leak can wait. However, it can quickly turn into a huge leak and cause a lot of damage. Even little leaks can cause damage to your pipes and the connections between the pipes.

Consistent Drain Cleaning

If you keep letting junk build up in your pipes, it is going to cause the water to have to do a lot more work to get through the pipes. The extra strain that is being put on your pipes is going to weaken them and cause leaks or even further damage. Don’t let this happen. Make sure you consistently clean your drains. It should be done at least once or twice each year.

These are some of the tips that you need to increase the longevity of your pipes. If you already have pipe damage for any reason, you should reach out to Peaden plumbing repair experts right away. From this point forward, though, make sure you are sticking to these tips if you want to protect the longevity of your pipes.



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