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A Guide to the Importance of Regular AC Service


The cost of cooling the air in your home is significant. In some states, it is an essential piece of equipment in the home. It would be impossible to live comfortably in some seasons without air conditioning. Though the cost of servicing your air conditioning unit is an added expense to running the system, it is an essential one. Ignoring the need for AC service can prove expensive, and your unit may become inefficient over time, is more likely to breakdown, or parts will need replacing more regularly than they should. Regular AC service could save you money in the long term.

Can I Do My AC Service Myself?

It is recommended that your service be carried out annually by a qualified AC professional. Annual servicing can keep your AC unit running efficiently and prolong its life.

It is never a good idea to get into the mechanics or the electrical components yourself. However, just like maintaining a car, there are some things you can do periodically to make sure your unit is running efficiently:

  • Replace and clean air filters regularly. Buy good quality filters to make sure they do the job well. A clogged filter makes your unit more expensive to run.
  • Clean debris from the fan, compressor and condenser if you have a split system.
  • Keep bushes away from the outside unit of your air conditioner. Cut them back so they don’t clog up the fan.
  • Prevent your unit’s drain channels from clogging by passing a wire through them.
  • If you have a window air conditioner, make sure the window seals are intact so cool air isn’t escaping through them.
  • Clean the outside condensing unit with a hose and soapy water to reduce corrosion.
  • Flush the condensate drain line with a bleach and water mix to prevent algae growth.

Be careful! If you aren’t confident in what you are doing, you could do more harm than good.

What Does a Service Entail?

The value in annual professional AC service is in the problems it prevents. A professional can recognize parts which are wearing out and need replacing and identify problems that can cause costly damage.

Our AC technicians will do a number of tests to make the parts are working properly, such as clean the condensing unit coils, check the compressor, oil fan motors and make any necessary adjustments to the belts, check operating pressures and temperatures so make sure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications, and check your filter and coolant levels. They will also clean your unit and do everything possible to keep your AC unit running for the future.

A Service Saves You Money

The cost of an AC service can seem like an extra expense you can do without, especially if there is nothing apparently wrong with it. But a professional service will help keep your air conditioning system efficient. It will likely last longer and is much less likely to suffer a major breakdown (though, as with a car, regular servicing can’t prevent some things from going wrong). Increased efficiency means more money in your pocket and less money disappearing into thin air.



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