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Simple Steps to Prevent AC Repair


Over the course of time, your AC unit will require some routine maintenance and repairs. However, most of us want those repairs to come fewer and far between. The good news is, when you take proper care of your HVAC system, you’ll find that it saves you more energy on your bill and it works in excellent condition for the duration of its life. Here are few of the best practices that will help prevent AC repairs from occurring more often than they should.

Change and Clean Those Filters!

We know that you’ve heard before how important it is to change and clean filters on a routine basis. However, it just can’t be stressed enough! Not keeping up with filters can wreak havoc on your unit and require an AC repair well before one should be due. Set a timer on your thermostat or tie a string around your finger to help you remember to change the filter, but find a method that you’ll pay attention to.

When changing your filter, you should also make sure that you’re doing it as often as you need to. You don’t want to waste money on filters if you only need to change it every 90 days, but you also don’t want to cause damage because you don’t change it frequently enough. Talk to a professional about how often you should clean and change your filter based on things like how many pets and people are in your home, as well as the quality of air.

Clean the Condensate Drain Line

Condensate line clogs can cause flooding and damage to your home. It can also cause you’re a/c unit to shut down. This is one of the common maintenance tasks that must be performed frequently on all air conditioning systems. Flushing the condensate drain line will prevent unexpected leaks and shutdown. As your ac unit cools your house it creates condensation that is transported outside your home through the condensate drain line. Over time this slime and debris can clog the line. It is recommended that bleach mixed with water is poured down the line every couple of months to prevent the line from clogging.

Clean Up Debris Outside

Many of us are very mindful of our air conditioning when we’re inside, but we may ignore the big unit that sits outside. When you’re scheduling time to change your filter, also add a few minutes to go outside and give your HVAC unit a visual inspection. You can prevent AC repair by keeping debris away from the unit. Be sure to cut bushes back away from the outside unit and protect your outside unit from plant life such as vines from invading the interior elements. You should do this on a regular basis, as well as when big storms with heavy winds come through.

Be Mindful of Temperature Settings

When setting the internal temperatures for your home, be mindful that you have realistic expectations for what your unit can do. Even some of the newest models and quality brands will have limitations on just how cool they’ll get your home. If you’re hoping to get the temperature inside thirty degrees or more below the hot temps outside, then speak with a professional to ensure your HVAC unit has the ability to perform in this way.

You’ll also need to consider other areas of your home when setting temperature expectations. For example, if you don’t have energy efficient windows or curtains, you’ll lose a lot of those cool temperatures out the window, and your unit will continue to work hard to try to keep up. Preventing AC repair doesn’t have to be complicated when you gain a little insight into the proper HVAC care techniques from the pros. Rest assured that if your AC does break and your in the Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach or Panama City Beach, FL area that you can count on Peaden to fix it.



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