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When Is the Best Time to Call for AC Repair & Maintenance?


If you’ve ever had an AC repair before or you have had to replace an entire system, then you know that you need those routine AC maintenance calls to keep your unit working as it should. But even if you know the importance of these preventative services, you may not really know when the best time is to make that call. Here we provide a few of the best times for you to pick up the phone and schedule a service call.

Before Peak Temperatures Arrive

If your system is working in good condition and you haven’t had any AC repairs in some time or ever, you have a little more flexibility in your schedule than someone with a unit that isn’t working well. Often, you will find that scheduling services for HVAC systems is best done before the hottest and coldest parts of the season so that you are prepared and proactive in case something is on the fritz or needs a little extra attention.

The Same Time Every Year

If you like to keep a tidy schedule, then you can keep the yearly maintenance to prevent AC repairs and replacements around the same time every year. This way, you won’t have to worry about it coming around and forgetting about, and you will know that you are covered for all services that keep your unit working properly.

The Moment You Notice That the Unit Is Not Working Properly

As soon as you notice that your HVAC system isn’t cooling as well as it should, make sure you call to get a diagnosis. You may find that the issue only requires a minor AC repair or that you just need a simple service done such as cleaning coils. Some people will just push through the uncomfortable indoor temperatures or deal with a unit that is loud or freezes up, but the sooner you take care of the problem, you will find that the less expensive and severe it is.

Before or After You Buy a House

If you are buying or have just bought a house, then you will want to bring in the experts to ensure that you have a unit that is working the way it should and that it was installed correctly. While you will have a home inspector look at these areas, many of them will not have the in-depth knowledge that a heating and cooling technician can provide, so it will be beneficial for you to have an experienced AC repair technician check out the unit as well.

When the Unit Is Over a Decade Old

If your heating and cooling unit is over a decade old and you haven’t had a service call performed by a professional technician, then it is time to have someone take a look and perform some deeper maintenance than what you do yourself. While you should be changing filters and keeping up with other tasks like this, a technician will be able to get into the system and replace worn out parts and deep clean areas like coils, and this can make a significant difference in how well your unit runs and how many AC repairs you prevent.



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