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Where Is the Best Place for My Home’s Generator?

Whole-home standby generator outside a home.The Expert Generator Installers at Peaden Have the Answers

Alongside Florida’s gorgeous, sunny weather often comes brutal storms. Florida storms are typically strong enough to cut your power. The best advice Florida residents should heed is to be prepared with a reliable generator.

When deciding where your generator should be placed, following the manufacturer’s requirements and codes is crucial. It may not seem like a huge factor to consider, but the proper placement of your generator will play a critical role in its safety and overall performance.

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How Far Your Generator Should Be From Your Home

When deciding how close your generator should be to your house, think about the location of your home’s windows, doors, and other obstructions. The generator should be placed at least five feet away from wall openings and your property line to protect your neighbors. Ensuring proper space between your home and the generator is your best bet to steer clear of hazards such as fires, electrocution, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

If the generator has been fire tested, it can sit at least 18 inches away from your building, and it shouldn’t be near shrubs or bushes higher than 12 inches — the clearance between the generator and vegetation needs to be at least 36 inches.

How Far Off the Ground Should My Generator Be?

Clearance between the top of your generator and anything hanging overhead should be 48 inches; this can include awnings, trees, and hanging plants. Additionally, to prevent airflow hindrance, do not place your generator underneath a deck or other type of structure — this may limit its airflow and result in a hazard.

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