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Generator Services in the Florida Panhandle

Preserving Power in Panama City, Pensacola & More

If the power goes out in your neighborhood, what will happen in your home? It’s bad enough having to sit in the dark in a best-case scenario, but power outages tend to strike when we most need the comfort of appliances, lights, HVAC equipment, and ready access to news from the outside world.

Whole-home standby generatorThat’s why a home generator is always a smart investment for your safety and comfort. With a whole-home generator installed by our expert electricians, you won’t have to worry about being stranded by floodwaters with no lights and food rotting in your fridge.

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Generator Installation & Replacement

If you need a new or replacement standby generator installed, you want to work with an electrician you can trust to do the job right — after all, you’ll have trouble getting someone to show up to fix a shoddy installation in the middle of a storm that’s killed power to half the town. We install Briggs and Stratton generators and perform maintenance on those installed units.

By working with Peaden, you can rest assured you’re getting top-rated service from expert technicians, backed by superior customer service and a total focus on customer satisfaction.

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Why Install a Standby Generator?

Wondering whether a home generator makes sense for you? Here are a few reasons Florida homeowners invest in them:

  • Stay safe in emergencies by maintaining normal lighting — no need for hazardous candles
  • Preserve comfort and convenience when the lights go out, with climate control and entertainment preserved
  • Reduce the risk of damage to your property from failed sump pumps, etc.
  • Minimize the risk of wasted food and perishables
  • Keep important electronics, such as medical devices and sources of information, operable
  • Maintain power in your home during hurricanes
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Whole-Home Generators vs. Portable Generators

If you already own a portable backup generator, you may not see why you’d want to invest in a whole-home generator for your property. But there are significant differences in the benefits offered by a portable generator.

Whole-home generators tend to be quieter and more efficient. They use gas lines or stable fuel sources like propane, supply power through your normal outlets when you have an outage, and require far less effort to turn on safely in an emergency. There’s no risk of accidentally starting an electrical fire with a professionally installed generator. 

Schedule Generator Services in Pensacola & Panama City

If you want to upgrade your home for enhanced safety and comfort in a blackout, the team at Peaden is ready to help. Our well-trained, certified, friendly technicians are dedicated to keeping your home safe and comfortable through excellence in our electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Whole-Home Generators

What is the life expectancy of a standby generator?

A good standby generator can last between 25 and 35 years if properly maintained.

Schedule annual tune-ups and run a 10-minute test cycle every week. Pay particular attention to regular spark plug changes and air filter cleaning.

Should you run a generator during a hurricane?

Yes, you can, but your generator needs to run in a dry space, so you’ll need a cover or tent that still allows ventilation.

You shouldn’t run your standby generator indoors because it can cause carbon monoxide buildup. You should also keep your equipment at least 20 feet from your doors and windows.

How long can you run a generator?

Most standby generators can power a mid-sized home for 3,000 hours. That’s plenty of scope for lengthy blackouts.

Portable generators can only store a few days of fuel, so their running time can be limited.

How much power does a standby generator produce?

Standby generators can produce up to 59,000 watts of power, so they’re the perfect solution to keep your lights, appliances, and electronics when a major storm or downed power line knocks the power out.

Standby generators can even power your business, so you don’t have to worry about damaged or lost inventory.



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