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Why do my lights dim when my air conditioner (or other high load appliance) comes on?

The first thing to consider is whether or not the appliance is working properly. Once that’s been verified, the problem could be an undersized transformer or an overloaded service.

Ask your neighbors if they have similar problems. If so, you should advise your power company and have them look into the issue.

HVAC Systems Use a Lot of Electricity To Start

Your air conditioner and other electrical HVAC equipment can use quite a lot of electricity when operating — and even more to start up. Even a basic window unit AC can spike from its average draw of 1700 watts to an astounding 5000 watts during startup. Central air systems use even more for both!

This huge spike in electricity consumption compared to normal usage is why you may notice lights dimming or fans slowing for a moment when an AC first turns on. That’s why well-fitted HVAC equipment is so important. A new, efficient AC unit won’t need to start and stop so often, so it won’t have these spikes in energy consumption.

If you’re concerned about HVAC equipment using too much energy or starting up too often, contact Peaden at (855) 557-7878.

We’re always glad to help with HVAC and electrical issues in the Pensacola or Panama City Beach areas.

Check Your Home’s Circuits

Just because it’s normal for your HVAC equipment and other appliances to use more energy starting up doesn’t mean you should ignore electrical problems.

If you notice these issues even with an updated HVAC system, it could indicate that your circuits are overloaded. If so, it’s time to update your electrical panel so your circuits can handle large appliances. That way, the fixtures and appliances in your home won’t stop working whenever you turn on your central air. 

If you’ve noticed dimming lights or other signs of circuit problems, contact us to schedule HVAC or electrical repairs in the Pensacola or Panama City Beach area.



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