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How to Rest Comfortably Without Stressing About an AC Repair


When the heat of summer hits, knowing you are protected from unexpected AC repairs is a comfortable frame of mind. A few proactive steps on your part can make a nice, cold house on those hot summer days a reality. Follow these steps and you will be enjoying your cool home and staying comfortable this summer.

Change Filters

Even though it is basic knowledge, homeowners do not change their filters as regularly as they need to. By doing this one thing, you can eliminate a large number of the AC repair visits that you might have otherwise needed. A clean filter allows the air conditioner to run as the manufacturer designed it to. That means a cooler house, a more efficient air conditioner, and low cost maintenance services twice a year instead of a large expensive repair cost when you have a dirty system that shuts down.

Manage the Thermostat

Another task that most people do not think about is adjusting the thermostat. Making adjustments at night and when you are not at home can allow the air conditioner to run more effectively than having it run full speed all day long. Continuous running of the air conditioner can lead to AC repair calls because the system is not designed to run for that long continuously. If you have a digital thermostat, you can program the air conditioner to adjust automatically throughout the day and while you are away. This is the most effective way to manage your thermostat, lower your power bill, and give your air conditioner a break.

Regular Maintenance

It is crucial that you have a professional AC repair technician out to inspect your air conditioner twice a year, once before it begins to get too hot so they can make sure the system is working properly, and then again after the summer is over so they can check and make sure that the use during the summer did not damage anything or create any problems. If you follow this maintenance plan, you can also eliminate a lot of AC repair calls to your home.

Listen to Your System

Although it may sound strange, sometimes you can tell if there are issues with your air conditioner by listening to it as it runs. When a system is running properly, there is a smooth sound to it. As problems arise that may create a need for an AC repair, you may begin to hear rattling, the motor may sound like it is straining to operate, or you can hear whistling issues if there are problems with the duct system. Confirming that everything sounds right can help with your air conditioner’s longevity.

Assist Your Air Conditioner Where You Can

This may sound confusing, but if you have ceiling fans or even fans in general, they can assist your air conditioner to successfully circulate the air. That can prevent the air conditioner from being over worked and causing AC repair issues during the summer time. Not only will your house feel better with the proper air circulation, but your utility bills will be lower as well.



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