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4 Signs It’s Time For a Heater Repair


With fall right around the corner, those cool nights and cold temperatures are right behind it. And after a hot summer you’ll welcome the change in the weather and want to be ready to cozy up inside of your home. However, you’ll first want to be sure that your heating unit is working in proper condition and now is the perfect time to test it out so that you’ll know if you need a heater repair. Here are a few signs that it’s time to get a heater repair so that you’ll be ready for those cool fall nights.

#1: It Continually Runs

If your heater is continually running, there is probably a problem. Even when it’s extremely cold out, it should kick on and off from time to time. So when you notice that your heater hasn’t turned off for days, then call in a professional heater repair company to come take a look and see what the problem could be. They’ll guide you through the best ways to care for your heating system, as well as get your unit repaired so that you can enjoy the temperature inside your home. Plus, once the heater is repaired, you’ll find that you save money on your energy bill because it’s not continually running.

#2: It Doesn’t Stay On

Some people will notice that rather than the heater remaining on all the time, it will actually shut off when it doesn’t need to. If you’ve started to see that your heater isn’t kicking on when it should be, then it’s time for a heater repair. Ask the heater repair company what’s normal and what isn’t as far as your particular system goes, and then you’ll know what to look for and will be able to be proactive in calling the experts in for help.

#3: It’s Making Odd Sounds

Heaters will make their own set of noises that are completely normal. However, there are a few wheezing and clanking noises that will alert you when something is up. Don’t ignore these noises because when you call in a heater repair professional right away they can address and correct the problem. But if you let them continue on and still use your heating system, then you may cause more damage that will lead to a higher bill.

#4: It’s an Older Heating System

The older your heating system is, the more repairs it will require. Knowing the age of your heater will give you a good idea of how you should expect it to perform and how often you’ll need a heater repair. You should have your system inspected yearly to ensure that everything is running smoothly and is properly cleaned, as well as take the time out monthly to do a visual inspection and change out filters if your system requires it. Get the experts involved throughout the lifespan of your heater so that they have an understanding of what repairs have been made in the past, and what you can expect from your heater in the future.



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