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Do You Have Smells Coming from Your Air Conditioning Unit?


If you are in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, or Panama City and you are having smells coming from your air conditioning unit, there could be a range of issues with your unit. It may just need to be cleaned out or there could be something that is damaged. If you notice any of the smells mentioned below coming from your air conditioning unit, call Peaden ac repair experts today.

Dirty, Old Socks

Does your air conditioning unit smell like dirty, old socks? This can be really bothersome. If you have this smell coming from your ac unit, the condenser might be the problem. At times, bacteria will grow on the ac unit condenser coils. This is what causes it to smell like dirty, old socks. With this smell, the good news is that all you probably need to do is have a Peaden ac repair expert come and clean the condenser coils. They may need to sanitize the condenser, as well.

Gun Powder

Are you smelling gun powder wafting throughout your home? If so, this is not a good thing. It means that there is something burning. If this smell occurs, you should instantly turn the HVAC system off, contact your local fire department, and don’t go back into your home until you are told it is okay. Once you do go back into your home, you can call a Peaden ac repair expert. There may be a wide range of issues including frayed wires, overheating motor, or another mechanical problem.

Fumes from Exhaust

Do you smell fumes from an exhaust through your vents? If this is the smell you have in your home, one of the main reasons is that your ac unit or condenser is leaking fluid. It is more than likely leaking on the motor or a different portion of the ac system that is warmed up. If this is happening, contact an ac repair expert right away.

Smell of Trash

Do you notice the smell of trash coming from your vents after turning on your air conditioning unit? If so, different things could cause this. However, one of the main causes is that an animal died in the HVAC system and needs to be taken out. This happens a lot in the winter. If you suspect this has happened, you should turn your air conditioning unit off, open your windows, and contact an ac repair expert.

These are some of the most common smells that come from air conditioning units. If you notice that any of these smells have been coming from your vents, you should reach out to Peaden ac repair experts. The expert that comes to your property will asses the issue and they can make any repairs that are required. Sometimes it is just a matter of cleaning something out and other times something has been damaged and needs to be repaired.



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