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Why Peaden SmartCare?

Correct minor problems, avoid major repairs!

Do you know what the heat, humidity, salt air and other environmental factors along the Gulf Coast does to your AC system?

In less time than you think, our little piece of paradise can have a major impact on how your AC operates and performs. Restricting air flow and power. Increasing your monthly electric bills. Creating warm or cold rooms. Leaving you without air and facing unexpected and unwelcome expenses.

Salt Life vs AC Life

If not cleaned and serviced routinely and regularly, here’s what our Gulf Coast climate and environment causes:


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Plan Benefits

Protect your investment

Learn why SmartCare is a no brainer.

Since your AC is the single most important system in your house, and a big
investment, why wouldn’t you want to protect it and eliminate any headaches down the line?

AC Systems & Home Care

Did you know?

Besides the vehicles in the garage or driveway, an AC system is a homeowner’s
biggest investment. Learn more about the care of your AC.

  • 1

    Compressor Replacement

    The compressor is the most expensive part to replace. As one of the major components, the replacement costs average around $4,100, but with SmartCare you would save 15% or $615.

  • 2

    Improve Comfort & Efficiency

    Annual maintenance can help improve your comfort and the efficiency of your air conditioner while prolonging the life of your unit.

  • 3

    Reality of Energy Cost

    Air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced in the U.S., costing homeowners more than $29 billion a year in energy costs.

  • 4

    Change Filter to Save Money

    You can lower energy use of your air conditioning unit 5-15% by replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one every one to two months during the cooling season.

Top 4 ways to lower your energy bills

  • Routine replacement or cleaning of filters can save 5-15% on an AC system’s energy consumption.
  • Programmable thermostats can save you up to 10% on your cooling and heating costs a year.
  • An ENERGY STAR qualified AC unit, on average, is up to 15% more efficient than standard models.
  • Insulating and sealing air ducts can reduce about 30% of your air loss.

The 10 most common AC problems

  • Filter: Clogged or dirty filters not only reduce the flow of air but can also cause the AC unit to freeze.
  • Thermostat: May not be turned on, clean inside, level, in sunlight, or on the correct setting.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: When the coolant starts leaking in the air conditioner, the system will not perform correctly, and the temperature will fluctuate. The location of the leak will affect the cost of the repair.
  • Drainage: Like the filter, the drain line can become clogged with dirt, dust, and lint. If it becomes clogged, the drain pan will fill up, and water will leak out potentially causing damage to the AC or whatever is around your pan.
  • Breakers or Fuses: The breakers and fuses safeguard the AC system’s motor or compressor from overheating.
  • Capacitors: Without capacitors, the motors that power the compressor and fans won’t work. The start capacitor sends a jolt to activate the motor, while the run capacitor provides a series of jolts to keep the motor working. Your AC system won’t run efficiently if either burns out.
  • Compressor: The compressor applies energy to the refrigerant and propels it through the coils to carry out heat exchange. If the compressor is not working, your AC will not cool your house. If there’s not enough refrigerant, the compressor will run hot and eventually seize. If there’s too much, the refrigerant will return to the compressor, which can cause it to fail.
  • Evaporator Coils: Evaporator coils absorb heat in the air and send it back into the house as cold air using a series of air ducts. Coils can become corroded, but if they are located inside, they typically only require maintenance every three years.
  • Condenser Coils: Condenser coils are located outside with the compressor so they can become dirty due to the elements. They can usually be cleaned with a water hose or a chemical cleaner if they get too dirty.
  • Worn Contactor: There are contactors for the compressor, the blower motor, and the condenser fan motor. They make an electrical connection that starts the motors and compressor. If there’s arcing and pitting on the contactor, it becomes difficult for electric current to start the motors.

SmartCare Benefits, Check!

Less problems, more time with family.

As a member of the Peaden SmartCare Plan, you’ll be treated like family.

We provide regular and routine maintenance on your AC system, once a year or every six months. We’ll also have your back with priority scheduling for any emergency air conditioning, plumbing or electrical situations that arise.

  • Regular and routine AC maintenance
  • Priority scheduling
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Inspections for plumbing & electrical
  • AC cleaning & diagnostics
  • Free air filters
  • No overtime charges
  • 1-year warranty on repairs
  • Transferrable
  • Saves time & money

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Peaden makes it easy—just pick a monthly or annual package that
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AC System Cleaning & Tune Up 1 Time 2 Times 2 Times
Inspection Upon Request Plumbing OR Electrical Plumbing OR Electrical Plumbing & Electrical
15% Discount on Repairs
5% Discount on Replacement (AC System, Whole House Repipe)
Service Charge $89 (Waived with same day repair approval) $49 (Waived with same day repair approval) $0
No Overtime Charges
One Year Labor Warranty on Repairs
Optimized Performance & Efficiency
Reliability & Longevity
Transferable Agreement
Supply of Filters Delivered to Your Door* 6 Filters 12 Filters
No AC Drain Clogs OR Fix Free Guarantee
Priority Scheduling
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Water Heater Flush (Tank or Tankless)
Pricing Options $109/Yearly $19/Monthly $25/Monthly

*Standard 1” Merv 8 filters provided, additional cost will apply to non-standard or specialty filters. Provided for 1 AC system (additional filters available for additional cost). Additional systems priced separately.

Pricing Options

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