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Reliable Electrical Company in Miramar Beach, FL

Electrical problems in Florida are common, especially during and after major storms. Whether your wiring needs to be replaced, you need an electrical inspection, or a circuit panel upgrade, count on Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained technicians who can safely assess and resolve electrical issues.

Whole-Home Generator Services

Whole-home standby generator outside a building.With a whole-home generator, you can keep power to your essentials during a power outage. A whole-home generator will increase your security, comfort, and convenience.

Peaden offers generator installation and replacement throughout Miramar Beach.

Generator Installation

Adding a generator to your home is an excellent investment, as it provides reliable electricity for your essential systems. Our Peaden technicians can visit your home and install a new, energy-efficient whole-home generator in one visit.

Generator Replacement

If your old generator needs replacing, Peaden is here for you. We have new, powerful units that outperform yesterday’s generators with ease. Our systems can integrate into your home’s electrical system, offering the power you need for your essentials.

Signs it may be time for a generator replacement:

  • Your generator doesn’t produce enough electricity.
  • Your generator makes odd sounds when in operation.
  • Your generator smokes when it’s running.

Contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004 to schedule generator installation or replacement in Miramar Beach, FL.

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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation & Design

Exterior lighting installation on front patio.Reimagining your home’s lighting can be a big task, but the experts at Peaden can make it a breeze. Our designers and electricians work together to bring to life your vision for lighting around your property.

Our crew installs indoor and outdoor lighting products of all kinds. We’re your go-to crew for lighting design and installation, from a few flood lights to whole-home installation.

Increase the comfort of your newly lit indoor or outdoor area with a ceiling fan installation. Increase the airflow with a unique style of your choice, and count on Peaden for expert installation.

Upgrade the lights in and around your home. Contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004 to get started.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

To safely power your home, you need an electrical panel that can keep up. If your electrical panel hasn’t been upgraded in a few decades, it may be overloaded and struggling to meet your home’s electrical demands. Peaden can replace your current electrical panel with a new one that can deliver the electricity you need.

You might need a new panel if:

  • Your appliances don’t perform as they used to.
  • The lights flicker when major appliances turn on or off.
  • You have to reset switches on your panel regularly.
  • Breakers are hot to the touch.

Don’t ignore a failing electricity panel. Contact Peaden at (850) 872-1004 to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Miramar Beach.

Outlet & Light Switch Installation & Replacement

Every home needs a variety of outlets and light switches. When a switch or outlet starts acting up, it’s time to talk to professional electricians to repair or replace them safely.

Common signs you may need a new outlet include:

  • The plugs are loose when inserted or fall out.
  • The outlet smokes or sparks.
  • You notice a burning smell, or it’s warm to the touch.

Whether you need outlet installation for a new addition in your home or added to a convenient location, or your outlet needs replacement, count on Peaden for professional service to ensure electrical safety.

Keep your home safe from sparking outlets and failing light switches.

Contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004 to schedule electrical repairs.

Professional Electrical Services in Miramar Beach

Since 1969, the licensed, insured, and background-checked electricians at Peaden have provided expert services throughout Miramar Beach, FL. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all home services.

You can count on us for reliable and professional service, from minor electrical repairs to total HVAC overhauls.

Contact Peaden at (850) 872-1004 today to discuss your electrical repair needs in Miramar Beach, FL.



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