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Peaden repair truck and technicianYou rely on consistent electricity every day, and when you encounter a problem with your electrical system, it can be detrimental to your routine. You may need electrical services if:

  • Your outlets spark when you plug in electronics.
  • Your lights flicker when a major appliance turns on.
  • Your devices aren’t working properly.

Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical offers comprehensive electrical services to ensure residents in Destin, FL, don’t go a day without power. We’re a one-stop shop for home services and have provided Florida residents with exceptional customer care since 1969.

Whole-Home Generator Installation & Replacement  

Florida residents are no strangers to tropical storms and hurricane season. When these storms hit, ensure your family has power with a whole-home generator. Our team provides installation and replacement generator systems to keep your home going when the power goes out.

Generator Installation

Whole-home standby generator outside a building.Peaden can install a brand-new generator that will provide electricity for your essential systems — keeping you safe, cool, and comfortable during a power outage.

Our experts will help you determine the best generator to match your needs. Keep your home powered on with a high-quality whole-home generator.

Contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004 to schedule an expert installation.

Generator Replacement

If your generator has trouble starting, needs frequent repairs, or lacks the power needed for your appliances, it’s time to consider a replacement. Peaden’s electrical team offers energy-efficient generator replacements to ensure your generator offers optimal performance when needed.

Enjoy consistent electricity for your essentials with a whole-home generator replacement.

Contact our staff today at (850) 872-1004 to schedule a whole-home generator replacement for your Destin home.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation & Design

Recessed kitchen lighting under cabinets in remodeled kitchen.New indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures can enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your home. When you want to transform your indoor or outdoor space, turn to Peaden for professional lighting design and installation.

Our crew will discuss your indoor and outdoor lighting goals and turn your vision into reality. Whether you want luxurious chandeliers and cabinet lighting for the kitchen or stunning garden lights for outdoor entertainment, you can count on Peaden’s electrical team.

Enhance the comfort of your newly lit indoor and outdoor area with a ceiling fan that blends in with your unique style.

Discuss your indoor and outdoor lighting project and ceiling fan installation with our lighting professionals. Call (850) 872-1004 today.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel is the main source of electricity for your home. If your panel isn’t providing the electrical output you need, is out of compliance, or hasn’t been replaced in decades, it’s time for a replacement.

Peaden is trained and experienced in the latest technology and code requirements to ensure safety regulations are met and the electrical panel is properly installed. An electrical panel upgrade can be a great way to ensure your property is safe and has reliable energy.

Contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004 to discuss an electrical panel upgrade for your Destin home.

Outlet & Light Switch Installation & Replacement

Technician testing electrical outlet in a home.Your electrical system has various essential parts; the outlets and light switches are the most frequently used. Without the proper wiring and power flow, you won’t be able to plug in and use your electronics or turn on your lights.

If you’ve noticed sparks when plugging in electronics, a burning smell, or loose connections, your outlets may need to be replaced.

If you’re missing outlets or switches in an area of convenience, our technicians can install new ones.

To schedule outlet and light switch installation or replacement, contact Peaden today at (850) 872-1004.

Schedule Reliable Electrical Services in Destin, FL

Since 1969, Peaden has provided Destin with a variety of home services. Our talented technicians offer same-day service and top-quality installations. We pride ourselves on upfront pricing, financing options, and a dedication to quality service.

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