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AC, Plumbing & Electrical Services in Destin, FL

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Keeping your home comfortable and safe means keeping all its major systems and appliances in good working condition.

To achieve that reliably, you want to have a team on your side you can trust to maintain those systems to the highest standards, using the latest technology, tools, and techniques combined with old-fashioned customer service and support.

Whether you have a leaky faucet, an air conditioner blowing warm air, or flickering lights, you can rest easy knowing that all your home maintenance, repair, and installation services will be handled to the best industry standards when you choose Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical.

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24/7 Air Conditioning Services in Destin, FL

Your air conditioner plays a vital role in comfort throughout the year in the Destin area, which makes reliability a high priority for its performance and efficiency — plus having a quick, reliable HVAC team to get things back to normal if something goes wrong.

We offer a full selection of AC services to Destin residents, including:

  • AC repairGet your system back to normal quickly. We’ll identify the problem and resolve it fast, so you don’t have to suffer longer than necessary.
  • AC installationWhether you’re replacing an aging unit or installing central systems for the first time, we can help you find the ideal unit for your needs and install it perfectly to manufacturer specifications.
  • AC maintenanceRegular tune-ups are vital to keeping your AC healthy as long as possible, especially with the heavy use of air conditioners in our area. Keep energy costs down, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and maintain comfort.

Heat Pump & Furnace Services

Heating is just as important as air conditioning when winter sets in. You don’t want to face a cold night without your heating system in good shape. Our heating services include:

  • Heating repair: When your heat cuts out or starts behaving strangely, call Peaden and let us get things back to working order.
  • Heating installation: Need a new heating system? We’ll help you assess your options and install the exact right fit for your needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Heating maintenance: The heat and combustion involved in most heating systems can wear down parts quickly, and in some cases, the systems can even become dangerous if in disrepair. Let our team keep your system efficient and safe with regular maintenance services.

Top-Rated Plumbers in Destin, FL

A plumbing failure is always a major ordeal, even if there’s no danger of water damage from a particular problem. If your water heater goes out, you can’t bathe, wash dishes, or clean clothes effectively. Peaden offers emergency plumber services to Destin homeowners so you don’t have to worry about water damage!

If your bath won’t run water or your toilet won’t flush, your quality of life plummets even if you have another available in your home. Kitchen problems can quickly become foul messes, and a drain or sewer clog can make your entire home plumbing system unusable.

Our plumbing services include:

  • Drain & sewer line: Clogs, slow drainage, sewer line leaks, or any other drain or sewer problem? We offer clog breaking, hydro jetting, camera inspection, and line replacement services. 
  • Water heater services: Keep your water hot and your energy bills low with our maintenance, repair, and installation services for gas and electric water heaters. 
  • Tankless water heater servicesWant to enjoy endless water with a high-efficiency tankless water system? We offer repairs, installation, maintenance, and replacement services. 
  • Pipe leak repairWhen you have a leak, you can count on our team to find and resolve it — no matter how big or small, obvious or out of sight. 
  • Whole-house repiping: Old or poorly installed pipes causing you constant trouble? Let our plumbers resolve your plumbing issues for good with a full-house repiping plan. 
  • Commercial plumbing: Does your business need a plumbing upgrade, repair, or maintenance? Our team can help keep things flowing right. 
  • Water quality services: Enjoy cleaner, safer, healthier water with less strain on your plumbing from hard water with the help of water quality services from Peaden. 

The experts at Peaden can help with these plumbing issues and more.

When you suspect a problem or have one you can’t ignore, call us and let us get to work ASAP.

Destin’s Go-To Emergency Electricians

An electrical system in poor shape can be a scary thing. When your electricity is malfunctioning, it can easily damage whatever it touches, from appliances to people — and even when it’s not that dramatic, losing access to electricity or having inadequate power for certain rooms or appliances is frustrating.

Whether you’re dealing with flickering lights, breakers that keep flipping, or an inadequate panel box for your new high-end appliances, the team at Peaden can help resolve your issues with expert electrical services. Trust our well-trained electricians and get your electrical system back in good condition.

Our electrical services include:

Commercial HVAC in Destin

Does your business have an HVAC problem or need a team it can rely on for repairs, installations, and maintenance? Trust the experts at Peaden for all your commercial HVAC needs in the Destin area.

We understand that even a short loss of heating or cooling can have a major impact on your bottom line, whether you’re running an office, restaurant, or any other commercial space with specialized HVAC systems.

Contact Peaden today at 855-557-7878 or online to learn more about what we can do for your Destin business. 

Emergency Service

Have a problem that needs to be resolved immediately? At Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical, we provide full 24/7 emergency services. If you’ve ever had to suffer through a full night without air conditioning in the Destin summer or without working plumbing for a few days, you understand the value of on-demand emergency service.

Trust us to get things back to normal immediately!

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We offer full residential and commercial services to keep our clients comfortable and safe.



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