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Tankless Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Pensacola & Panama City, FL

If you have a tankless water heater or are considering installing one in your home, make Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical your go-to plumber for tankless water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations. Our team of professionals is always eager to help homeowners in the Florida Panhandle maintain the most important systems and resources in their homes — like hot water!

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Why Go Tankless?

Tankless water heaters are highly efficient, durable, and convenient. They have a longer life span and can last for over 20 years with regular maintenance, compared to 10 to 15 years with a traditional storage tank water heater. Tankless water heaters are also up to 34% more efficient.

Unused hot water in a traditional tank eventually cools off, requiring more energy to reheat it. This is called standby heat loss and is one of the biggest contributors to your energy bills. 

With a tankless water heater, you can expect:

  • Cost and energy savings
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Improved water quality
  • Less sediment buildup
  • Continuous hot water

Give us a call at (855) 557-7878 or contact Peaden online to learn more about the amazing benefits of tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement and Installation

If you’re replacing your tankless water heater or switching from a storage tank unit and installing one for the first time, the Peaden team will ensure you’re matched with the best system for your home and hot water usage.

Our staff is licensed, trained, and certified for new plumbing installations, including tankless water heaters. A proper installation and regular maintenance will maximize your system’s life span and ensure optimal performance.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

The team at Peaden knows how important hot water is to your daily tasks, such as cleaning, showering, cooking, and more. That’s why we offer same-day service and 24/7 emergency service, so you can get back to your routine as soon as possible.

You may need a tankless water heater repair if you notice:

  • Puddles around your unit
  • Odd smells emanating from your unit or hot water
  • Discolored water
  • Lukewarm water

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring you don’t have to unexpectedly go without hot water by catching issues early. While tankless units are durable and efficient, they will still need some care to maintain optimal performance and prevent breakdowns.

When you schedule annual tankless water heater maintenance, your technician will:

  • Flush the system to prevent excess mineral buildup
  • Clean the air filter
  • Clean the water filter
  • Clean the outside of the tank

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Choose Peaden for Reliable Tankless Water Heater Services in the Florida Panhandle

Our team cares a great deal about our customers’ comfort and safety and is always ready to provide prompt service.

We’ve proudly served the Florida Panhandle since 1969, and all our customers know that if you choose Peaden for your water heater needs, we guarantee top-quality professionalism, friendliness, and quality workmanship.

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