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Professional Garbage Disposal Services in Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach & Destin

A garbage disposal is a convenient and effective way to eliminate food waste without the odors, hassle, and expense of throwing it in the standard garbage. When you have problems with the garbage disposal in your Panama City home, turn to our experts at Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical. We offer garbage disposal repair and replacement services, as well as complete plumbing and electrical services. Our company works with homeowners throughout Panama City and the Gulf Coast region, and we are happy to help with all your home plumbing needs.

Is your garbage disposal jammed or failing to turn on? Call Peaden today at (855) 557-7878 or contact us online to schedule garbage disposal repairs in Panama City, Pensacola, or Fort Walton Beach.

What Are the Top Common Garbage Disposal Problems?

Garbage disposals are quite tough, but problems can develop as they age. At Peaden, we can help with a full range of common garbage disposal problems in the Gulf Coast area, such as:

  • Garbage disposal is stuck or jammed. Our experts can determine what is jamming the garbage disposal and turn the blades backward to dislodge it safely.
  • Garbage disposal will not grind up food. If your garbage disposal is having problems grinding food, it may have dull or damaged blades.
  • Garbage disposal is clogged. Clogs are quite common with garbage disposals, and our team can quickly determine the cause and remove the clog to get the machine working smoothly again.
  • Garbage disposal is leaking. Old or damaged seals can allow the garbage disposal to leak. Seal issues can contribute to more serious issues as well.
  • Garbage disposal does not turn on. If your garbage disposal has tripped the safety switch or the breaker, or the internal brushes have failed, it may not run on or run properly.
  • Garbage disposal vibrates excessively. The mount could be loose or damaged, or the motor may be on the verge of failure.

For more information about the garbage disposal problems we can solve, talk to our experts today at (855) 557-7878 or visit us online.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance in Pensacola, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach

Although most garbage disposal maintenance should be left to our professionals at Peaden, there are a few things you can do to keep it running smoothly and prevent unnecessary damage. These include:

  • Avoid grinding certain foods – Food waste like eggshells, banana peels, celery, corn husks, or onion skins are fibrous and stringy, allowing them to tangle in the blades and cause jams. Foods like rice, pasta, and other cereals can absorb water, expand, and cause clogs. Foreign objects like paper towels or dishcloths can also jam the blades.
  • Clean the garbage disposal often Rinse the interior with cool water while grinding, and about once every few weeks, grind some ice to remove food particles from hard-to-reach areas, then rinse it clean with cool water.
  • Stay safe Keep fingers, jewelry, and hair away from the blade and never insert any tools or other objects while power is applied. If you need to remove a jam, shut the power off and use a tool like a broomstick to move the blades, not your hands.

For more tips on using and caring for your garbage disposal in the Pensacola area, call (855) 557-7878 or contact us online.

Why Choose a Professional for Garbage Disposal Repairs Near Panama City, FL?

Garbage disposals can be quite dangerous if you are not careful, so it is always best to hire a qualified professional for service and repairs. At Peaden, we have been working in Panama City and the surrounding Gulf Coast areas since 1969, and we are well-equipped to handle all your garbage disposal needs, from simple repairs and maintenance to new installations. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in our work, and all our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call (855) 557-7878 or contact us online to schedule garbage disposal services in Panama City, Pensacola, or the Gulf Coast region today.



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