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If you live in the panhandle of Florida or on the gulf coast of Alabama and you have a broken or malfunctioning kitchen or bathroom faucet, turn to Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical. Peaden offers plumbing service in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Crestview, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, Pensacola, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Daphne, and Fairhope. Our plumbers can repair or replace any kitchen or bathroom faucet.

If you are looking to replace a faucet and can’t find the one you want, we offer a wide variety of faucets from Moen, Delta, American Standard, and Rohl. Homeowners along the Gulf Coast have trusted Peaden for 50 years, and we can tackle all your plumbing problems.

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Common Faucet Problems

  • Debris and blockage
  • Low water pressure
  • Low water flow
  • Leaking around the base
  • Missing aerator
  • Broken spray nozzle
  • Leaking around the handle
  • Broken hot water handle
  • Broken cold water handle
  • Rusting faucet
  • Leaking and dripping faucet

Frequently Asked Questions About Faucets

How long does a faucet typically last?

While the life span of a particular faucet can vary immensely, you can expect them to last between 15 and 20 years when used in your kitchen or bathroom. The actual life span of the faucet will be affected by its build quality, how it’s used, water quality (including hardness), and whether small repairs and maintenance are performed as necessary. Of course, many faucets are replaced more frequently than that for aesthetic reasons or to benefit from new features.

I want to update my faucet to a different configuration — how complicated is that?

Depending on what you want to do, it can be a minor adjustment or quite complicated. For example, you might need to add new holes to your countertop or even replace your countertop altogether to support a new faucet, deal with residual holes, or address structural weaknesses. We can help you figure out how much work the look you want would be or guide you to easier installations with similar aesthetics or features.

I want to get a touchless faucet — does that need a power source?

Most touchless faucets utilize battery power instead of a direct line, but some models and configurations require AC power or another power source from your home. If you have concerns about one or the other, or there is some reason to avoid one or the other in your setup, our technicians can help you figure it out and navigate your choices.

How do I know whether I should pick repair or replacement?

You should choose replacement when repairs would be so extensive as to be wasteful compared to an upgrade, your faucet is already getting up in years and likely to need replacement anyway, or new faucets have features or aesthetics you would prefer to the one you already have. If your faucet needs constant repairs because of poor build quality or other issues, a replacement may be warranted, even if it’s relatively new.



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