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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Panama City, FL

Protect Your Home by Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

It takes a lot of power to operate large appliances like AC systems, refrigerators, freezers, and electric water heaters. If your home is over a few decades old, there’s a good chance your electrical system is overloaded and struggling to keep up with modern electrical demands. In that case, it may be time to consider an electrical panel upgrade.

To ensure you have the electrical capacity to safely power your Florida home now and in the future, turn to Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical. We offer electrical panel upgrades throughout the Florida Panhandle and the Alabama Gulf Coast region.

Our company has served Florida homeowners since 1969, providing a wide range of services, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and more. For expert service from professional, licensed electricians, look no further than Peaden.

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Does your home have electrical problems? Need more amperage to operate a new appliance?

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What Does an Electrical Panel Do?

The electrical panel or main service panel in your home is responsible for safely distributing the electricity from your utility company to each area of your home. It divides the incoming power into separate circuits while protecting against overheating wires, overcurrent conditions, short circuits, and more by using circuit breakers that can turn off each circuit independently.

Standard breakers help prevent fires, while ground-fault circuit breakers can help prevent electrocution and injuries.

Common Electrical Panel Capacities

Modern homes typically feature between 100- and 200-amp electrical panels, while larger homes with all-electric appliances may have up to 400-amp panels.

If your home is over a few decades old, it may have a 60- to 100-amp service panel, or worse, a panel with fuses instead of circuit breakers. In both cases, it’s important to upgrade your electrical panel.

Call (855) 557-7878 today or contact us for help determining if your electrical panel has enough capacity to meet your household needs.

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Circuit panels can last anywhere from 25 to 60 years before they need to be replaced due to age or material degradation, but if your electrical demand is approaching the panel’s maximum current rating, you may need to upgrade sooner.

Call Peaden to discuss an electrical panel replacement if you notice any of these electrical issues:

  • Breakers that trip frequently
  • Breakers that are hot to the touch
  • Buzzing sounds from breakers or outlets
  • Burning plastic or smoky odors
  • Scorch marks or visible arcing
  • Lights that dim or blink when large appliances start
  • No open slots for new breakers or additional circuits
  • The panel is older than 25 years or has physical damage

An electrical panel upgrade can give you more power for high-demand appliances while improving the safety and performance of your electrical system.

Call Today for Electrical Panel Upgrades in Panama City & Pensacola, FL

When you need a trusted, experienced professional to install or upgrade an electrical panel, turn to Peaden. We can upgrade the panel, install any additional circuits you may need, and work with your utility company to upgrade the incoming service lines, if necessary.

We work hard to keep our customers safe and comfortable, which is why we feature:

  • Top-notch service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Skilled, experienced professionals
  • Upfront pricing with no surprises
  • Over 50 years of service

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