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Residential Electrical Outlet Installation in Florida

Upgrade Your Home’s Safety With New Outlets from the Top Electricians in Panama City & Pensacola

new outlet installationElectrical outlets are spread throughout your home. U.S. regulations require an outlet within 6 feet of any given point along a wall.

Depending on your home’s age and interior layout, you could have quite a few electrical outlets, and eventually, some will need to be replaced.

Safety is the biggest reason for replacing old outlets and installing new ones. Our power needs are very different today than when most homes were built. To maintain a safe and fully functioning home, it may be time to consider replacing and installing some outlets.

Signs You Should Install a New Outlet

There’s a lot to consider when taking care of your home, especially with electrical issues! Here are a few signs to help you determine when it’s time to install a new outlet: 

  • Plugs fall out or feel loose when you insert them: A loose connection can disrupt the flow of electricity, potentially creating an arc, which is a serious fire hazard that causes sparks and shorts in your wiring. If your plugs don’t fit nice and snug, have an electrician replace the outlet.
  • The faceplate is cracked (or other visible damage): Dust and debris can get through cracks in a faceplate, damaging your outlet. If your outlets are dark or discolored, it could be a sign of electrical wear and tear. In these instances, it’s safest to replace the outlet. 
  • Smoke, sparks, burning smell, or warm to the touch: Call a professional electrician right away if you notice any of these symptoms with an outlet or any other electrical device. If you can shut off power to the outlet via your circuit breaker, you should do that immediately and wait for a professional inspection before turning it back on.

Common Reasons for Replacing an Outlet

Even if you don’t see any noticeable signs of faulty outlets, homeowners have many other opportunities to install new outlets for improved function. With advanced appliances, Wi-Fi, media, and computers, there is more electrical demand today than ever. We use a lot of electricity and tap into it via our outlets.

To ensure they can handle the workload, you should always install new outlets when:

  • Remodeling or re-arranging your home
  • Updating the aesthetics of your home
  • You have many USB-powered devices
  • Installing new and/or more appliances
  • Improving safety for children or pets

Outlet technology has advanced along with everything else. Things like USB receptacles, recessed and pop-up outlets, and many other unique options are available to meet the modern needs of your home.

Types of Outlets Peaden Can Install

The expert electricians at Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical are up-to-date on all the technology and electrical needs of modern homes. When it’s time to install new outlets, Peaden can install the following types to keep your home running safe and sound:

  • GFCI-protected electrical outlets
  • Washer/dryer electrical outlets
  • Dishwasher electrical outlets
  • Dedicated circuit electrical outlets
  • Childproof electrical outlets
  • And more

Why You Should Call an Electrician To Install Outlets

Installing a new outlet is different than simply changing a faceplate. If you wish to update the look of an existing outlet by changing the cover, that’s OK. But replacing an entire outlet involves attaching and detaching existing hardwires, which can be dangerous if not done properly.

At best, you could get shocked or cause hazardous sparks; if you’re less lucky, you could start an electrical fire or seriously injure yourself, or worse.

If you attempt an outlet installation — say, for a major appliance or to add more receptacles in an area — you could overload your circuit breaker without knowing it. To protect yourself and your home in the short and long term, the safest thing to do is call a professional to do electrical work.

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Call (855) 557-7878 today. You’ll improve the function and safety of your home when you schedule a new outlet installation with our expert electricians.



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