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Outdoor Lighting Installation in Panama City & Pensacola

Illuminate Your Florida Home With the Electricians at Peaden

Outdoor lighting can accent your home, but it can also provide safety for you and your family. Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can install sidewalk lights, landscaping lighting, dock lighting, floodlighting, courtesy lighting, spotlighting, and any other outdoor lighting. Peaden electricians cover the Panhandle of Florida and the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, Peaden can take care of it all.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

At Peaden, we offer professional installation for a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions in Panama City and the Gulf Coast region, including:

  • Floodlights – Casting light over a wide area, floodlights are ideal to light work areas after dark, illuminate signs, or light yards for security purposes.
  • Landscape lighting – Designed to highlight landscaping features and illuminate walkways, landscape lighting often uses low-voltage DC lights.
  • Tree lights – Used to accent and decorate trees, tree lighting gives your property a unique look ideal for holidays or anytime between.
  • Motion lights – Activated by people or animals passing by, motion lights are often used for security purposes or convenience when using the backyard after dark.
  • Deck lights – Designed to help navigation after dark and add ambiance, deck lights can be decorative and utilitarian.
  • Lantern lights – Mimicking the look of a fuel-burning lantern, these fixtures offer unique vintage styling while providing ample illumination for porches, decks, and other outdoor areas.
  • Sidewalk lights – Found along the sides of sidewalks and walkways, sidewalk lights guide visitors to your home after dark and illuminate walkways in the yard.
  • Dock lights – Lighting up the dock, these fixtures make boating and swimming after dark more convenient and safer.
  • Garden lights – Highlight decorative features, plants, walkaways, and more in your garden with low-voltage or solar-operated garden lights.
  • Accent lights – Add decorative illumination where you need it, such as decks, porches, and pools with outdoor accent lights.
  • Sconce lights – Ideal for decks, patios, and porches, sconce lights are wall-mounted and provide excellent ambient light.

To request a quote for an outdoor light fixture installation in Panama City, Pensacola, or Fort Walton Beach, contact us today at (855) 557-7878 or contact us online.

Why Choose Peaden for Outdoor Lighting Installations?

An outdoor light fixture needs to be wired correctly, properly grounded, and sealed to prevent risks of shock, fire, and water damage. It is always best to choose a professional licensed electrician for your outdoor lighting installation for safe, great-looking results. At Peaden, we have over 50 years of experience serving the Gulf Coast region. As a family-owned business, we offer excellent service, superior workmanship, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Call us today at (855) 557-7878 or contact us online to schedule your outdoor lighting installation in Panama City, Pensacola, or the surrounding areas.



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