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Light Switch Installations & Repairs

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Light switches provide convenient control over light fixtures that are often in hard-to-reach locations. Most simply turn the power on and off, but there are also dimmer, three-way, automatic motion-sensing switches, and more.

When you need a light switch installed or replaced in your Gulf Coast home, turn to our experts at Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical. We feature licensed electricians who can help with all your home electrical needs, from switch repairs installations to panel upgrades. Our company has been serving Panama City since 1969, and our coverage has since expanded to Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Coast region.

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How Does a Light Switch Work?

A standard light switch is installed on the hot line of the circuit between the supply and the light fixture, and when it is actuated, it bridges the contacts between the two terminals of the switch, turning the fixture on. A three-way switch allows control of a fixture from two locations, using a pair of specially designed switches that alternate between connecting one set of terminals and another, turning the fixture on or off based on the terminals that are currently connected in the other switch. Dimmers use electronic circuits to either vary the voltage to the light or rapidly turn it on and off. More advanced switches like motion-activated models incorporate sensors and complex electronics to control the fixture.

Types of Light Switches

There are a variety of light switches available, depending on your needs. A standard light switch will work for most fixtures, but if you need to control it from two or more locations, a three-way or four-way switch may be required. If you want lights that can be dimmed for a media room, dining room, or other locations, a dimmer and a compatible fixture will be required. If you want to save energy, a smart switch or a motion-activated switch may be ideal. Here are some of the most common switches available:

  • Standard switches – Standard switches are simple, reliable, and cost-effective. They’re available in standard toggle,  rocker, push-button, and sliding designs.
  • Dimmer switches – Found in multiple styles, dimmer switches can vary the fixture’s brightness as long as the bulb is compatible with a dimmer.
  • Three-way switches – Three-way switches allow control of one fixture from two locations.
  • Four-way switches – Often used in conjunction with three-way switches, four-way switches allow control of one fixture from three, four, or more locations.
  • Motion-activated switches – Often found in commercial locations, motion-activated switches turn on lights when motion is detected and turn them off a set period after motion has stopped.
  • Smart switches – Used in conjunction with mobile devices or smart home hubs, smart switches can be actuated remotely to turn fixtures on and off.

At Peaden, we install most types of light switches, and we can help you determine which is the best for your needs. Call us today at (855) 557-7878 or contact us online to request a quote for light switch installations on Panama City, Pensacola, or Fort Walton Beach.

Why Choose Peaden for Light Switch Installations in Panama City, FL?

Household electricity can be dangerous, so it is always best to have light switches professionally installed. At Peaden, we have the skill and experience to handle even the most difficult light switch institutional, and all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction grantee. With our company, you can expect upfront pricing, great service, and professional results.

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