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Electrical Services in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach & Panama City

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The electricians at Peaden have worked hard to build a strong reputation and a name people can rely on. We do this by putting the customer first and being straightforward about pricing, our techniques, and timeframes. We know that when you need electrical services or inspections, you want experts who show up on time and are prepared with quality tools.

Our skilled electricians will provide outstanding electrical services from the estimate until the completed project.

Contact us today if you have questions about our electrical services.

Until then, here are some of the electrical services we provide to help you get started.

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Indoor Lighting Installation

Indoor lighting installation under kitchen cabinets in updated kitchen.Whether you’re going through a remodel or are building a new room, professional indoor lighting installation is the ideal way to add value and beauty to your space.

Our electrician uses accurate measurements and safe practices to ensure the project is done right the first time. We’ll show you the different options and how indoor lighting installation will impact the look of your space.

Ceiling Fan Installation

You can change the ambiance and airflow of a room by investing in ceiling fan installation. Our electricians have worked with a variety of ceiling fan installations, from simple to extravagant, and we’ll provide prompt services.

We know checking a ceiling fan installation off your list will make your day a little better — and more comfortable. We’ll help you choose the best ceiling fan style for you, so you can enjoy your new ceiling fan installation instead of dreading the process.

Light Switch Installation & Repair

When a light switch goes out, or you don’t have a conveniently placed one, you can benefit from a light switch installation and repair. We can take on projects of all sizes and never try to rush you as you make decisions. We’re prompt and efficient and will listen to your needs for light switch installation and repair, so you can get the quality results you deserve.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

You can create a beautiful space outside, but you want to be sure you have an experienced electrician for outdoor lighting and installation.

For the space to be safe and the placement of the outdoor lighting to make sense, you’ll need a skilled eye. We have decades of experience with outdoor lighting installation, so contact us for a free quote today.

Electrical Outlet Installation & Replacement

Hire our professionals for electrical outlet installation to ensure it’s done safely and correctly. With our expertise in electrical outlet installation, you get a more affordable price because we don’t have to go back and correct any errors.

We’re experienced, and we keep up with industry trends to ensure we can work on a variety of electrical outlet installation projects.

New Construction Electrical Projects

Our certified and licensed electricians can handle large construction electrical projects. When you manage a project that requires construction electrical work, you want to make sure you bring in professionals who are on time, straightforward, and there to work.

Our team is diligent and attentive to each project. We’re dedicated to becoming your solution and the first person you call when you need construction electrical.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Technician servicing electrical panel.You shouldn’t try to perform an electrical service panel upgrade on your own. Our team is ready to help you take care of your electrical needs.

We use quality equipment and the latest technology to make sure you get superior electrical services each time you call. An electrical service panel upgrade requires the skills of a professional electrician to ensure it’s completed with precision and accuracy.

Whether you’re remodeling a space in your home or are in the process of new construction, contact us to learn more.

We’re proud to serve the community and look forward to exceeding all your expectations.

Whole-Home Generator Services

Standby generator outside a building in Florida.In the Florida Panhandle, plenty of things can knock the power out occasionally, from car accidents and thunderstorms to hurricanes. Though most outages last only minutes (hours at most), in extreme cases, the power can be out for far longer.

Consider installing a whole-home generator to keep your home and family safe and comfortable during lengthy outages. Unlike a portable generator, it has a permanent fuel supply, typically natural gas, and can start automatically when the power goes out. It can support your entire home instead of just a few appliances.

We’re excited to offer quality whole-home generators to keep you safe during an emergency.

Our generator services include:

Whole-Home Generator Installations

Give your home a reliable backup power source with a whole-home generator installation from Peaden. We’ll evaluate your energy usage and recommend the best generator model for your needs. Then, we’ll provide a complete professional installation, including everything from setting the generator in place to installing the transfer switch and electrical cables.

Whole-Home Generator Repairs

If you ever have a problem with your whole-home generator, you can count on Peaden for fast, dependable repairs. We can provide the services you need to keep your generator running smoothly, from basic generator repairs to complete overhauls.

Whole-Home Generator Maintenance

Avoid generator breakdowns and problems with whole-home generator maintenance from Peaden. Our skilled technicians will replace the air and oil filters, change the oil, check the spark plugs, test the electrical system, and more, ensuring your generator is well-cared for and ready when you need it.

EV Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicles allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid gasoline prices’ unpredictable ups and downs. Mass adoption efforts are making charging stations more affordable and installing them easier than ever.

Household charging stations are more than just convenient; they offer:

  • Tax incentives and rebates when you install a residential EV charging station.
  • Convenience, as you’ll never need to pay for a public charging station.
  • Improved EV efficiency by controlling your recharge time at your own station.
  • A wider compatibility range, so you can say goodbye to brand-specific products.
  • Increased property value.

Peaden offers charging station installations for residential clients. We’ll assess your vehicle’s charging needs, typical traveling distance, and electricity budget before helping you choose the best product for your unique requirements.

If you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of home-based charging, call 855-557-7878 or contact us online.



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