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Air Filtration System Installation in Panama City

Indoor Air Quality Services in the Florida Panhandle

Breathe easier by adding a home purification system. These systems capture harmful airborne particles, making the air in your home cleaner and safer for your family to breathe.

Make The Air In Your Home Healthier

Studies show that the air inside your home is more dangerous to your health than outdoor air. When air pollutants enter your home, the pollutants are locked in by dirty or stale air. According to the American Lung Association and the EPA, air pollutants — pollen, mold, and volatile organic compounds or VOC’s — play a significant role in the increase of allergies, asthma and other lung-related illnesses such as the flu. 

You can create a healthy and more comfortable home by installing an air purification system to reduce the spread of allergies and airborne illnesses. In-duct air purifiers and dehumidifiers prevent the spread of harmful air pollutants through air ventilation, humidity control and air sanitation. While oxidation and UV technology on in-duct air purifiers eliminate harmful microbes — airborne viruses and existing bacteria — creating a safe and healthy environment inside your home. 

Clean air is essential in your home, schedule an appointment with Peaden today!

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Using an air purifier system in your home is a good idea anytime, especially now. Air purifier systems can not prevent COVID-19 but can help stop the spread of viruses and harmful air pollutants throughout your home, creating a healthier and safer home environment.

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