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Is It Time For An AC Repair or Replacement?


You know the signs that it’s time for an AC repair, but as your unit ages, you may start to wonder if it’s time for another fix, or if it’s time to replace your unit. While you want to be mindful of your budget, you also want to make a smart choice for you and your home. If a new unit will save you the cost of future repairs, as well as have more energy efficiency, it might be the right decision. However, if the AC repair is going to keep the unit working in good condition, then you may want to hold off on a new installation. Use the following questions as professional guidelines you can ask yourself to get started.

How Much Is Your AC Unit Running?

If you start to notice that your AC system is continually turning on and off, then you have an issue that needs to be addressed. While this doesn’t immediately mean that you need to get a new unit, if your current air conditioner is over ten years old, it may be a probability. Have your entire unit inspected by a professional technician so they can pinpoint where the problem is. Also, if your unit continually running, you’ll want to have it checked out because of the wear and tear this can have on it.

Does Your Home Feel Damp?

Your AC unit makes an impact on the humidity levels in your home, so if you start to notice dampness inside, then this may be a sign that you need an AC repair. Having extra moisture in the air can also leave other areas of your home in need of attention because hardwood can swell and paintings can warp when they are in humid areas.

What Is Your Energy Bill Telling You?

If you aren’t sure whether you need an AC repair or replacement, then take a look at your energy bills. You can dig into past bills and start to notice when and where your energy costs started to rise. If they have been consistently rising for a while, it may be time to start researching new units. However, if it’s just been within a month or so, then this could simply be alerting you to an AC repair issue that can be resolved.

How Frequently Do You Need AC Repairs?

When you own an air conditioning unit, AC repairs are going to happen – it’s just a part of having a large piece of equipment for your house. However, while you should know that AC repairs are normal from time to time, you should still pay attention to the frequency. If you own an older unit that gets frequent repairs, then you should consider replacing it with a newer model. If you have a new unit that is requiring a large amount of repairs, you’ll want to call in the experts to complete an inspection to ensure the unit was installed correctly.



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