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When you need air conditioning repair in Pensacola, Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton Beach or Gulf Shores, Call Peaden Air Conditioning at 855-557-7878. Peaden has been providing the best air conditioning service on the Gulf Coast since 1969. When you need A/C repair, that is quick, reliable and affordable call Peaden, the “Professionals You Can Trust.” Call, email or request service online, and our team will ensure you get the quickest and most professional service on the Gulf Coast. Peaden services Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton, Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Daphne, Fairhope, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Panama City Beach and all the other great communities on the Gulf Coast. When your air conditioner breaks, you can rely on Peaden keep your family comfortable. Click here to schedule your repair and service.

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Air Conditioner Warning Signs

AC System Does Not Turn On

After a long winter off, your air conditioners may not turn on properly. This is because it is not receiving power or the thermostat may have become defective.

Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

There are many different problems that can cause your AC system to blow warm air. The air conditioner could be low on refrigerant, or it might be as simple as a clogged air filter. Other issues could be; clogged coils, dirty coils, low refrigerant, broken condenser fan or an obstruction in the ducts. Contact Peaden, and a service technician can diagnose and repair all your air conditioning problems.

HVAC system Cycles On and Off

Several issues can cause air conditioners to cycle on and off. The AC system might have low refrigerant, or the AC unit might have faulty relay switches. Other causes include; oversized or undersized air conditioning systems, and air conditioner vent blowing on the thermostat. What ever your problem, Peaden can fix it.

Water is Leaking From the AC Unit

Air conditioners not only cool your home, but they also remove moisture from the air. The moisture that the AC system removes from the air drains out of the house through a condensate drain line. The air conditioner’s condensate drain line can become clogged from time to time, and must be cleaned. If your air conditioner is leaking water from the unit, shut off the air conditioners and call Peaden. We will get your system back up and running.

No Air is Blowing From the Vents

Limited air flow could be caused by a dirty air filter, blockage in the ducts, or even a broken blower motor. Give Peaden a call, and our friendly technicians will repair your air conditioner.

Frozen AC Unit

If an AC system freezes, it could be caused by a number of problems. Dirty filters, and any obstruction that blocks air from flowing over the coils properly, can cause your air conditioner to freeze. A broken blower motor and faulty electrical relays can also cause the air conditioner to freeze. Frozen air conditioners will require a trained technician to perform repairs, so call Peaden the “Professionals You Can Trust.”

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