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Keep Your Investment Protected

Take time to unwind while you’re away knowing that your home is protected. Our Peaden Pros deliver peace of mind with home monitoring services that can help prevent the unexpected and safeguard your home from common hazards like electrical surges, system breakdowns, water heater flooding or theft.

Whether you’re looking for complete whole home protection, maintenance plans or one-time safety installations, we will customize a solution to fit your needs. Call us today at (850) 872-1004 for more information on the variety of home protection services that we offer.


“Mark was very communicative and offered several options to fix my failing kitchen lights. He was extremely polite and courteous and made me feel very comfortable with making a decision about the repairs needed at my rental unit from 2000 miles away. I would highly recommend both Peaden and this particular team member.” – Jolynn Welker

“Thank you Peaden, for running an electric line and putting up my new Ring Security Floodlight/Camera that my family bought itself for a Christmas present this year! Your technician came out right away, was on time and did an excellent job.” – Linda Lou



Whole House Dehumidifier

Protect your home from excessive humidity levels that can cause mold to form and potentially cause hazardous conditions. Our whole home dehumidifier helps you and your family breathe cleaner, safer air.


Air Conditioning Surge Protection

Lighting strikes and power company surges happen unannounced and can cause expensive repairs if prevention measures aren’t in place. Air conditioning surge protection safeguards one of your homes most valuable assets.


Whole House Air Filtration System

Breathe easier by adding a whole home air purification system. Our air filtration captures and controls harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen, animal dander and more, making the air in your home easier and safer for your family to breathe. Also ask us about electronic air cleaners and media air filter options.


Media Air Filters

Media air filters provide better air for longer. Most filters need to be changed once a month, while our media air filters are fully functional for up to three months.


HVAC Maintenance Plan

Extend the life of your unit and reduce unexpected breakdowns with our air conditioner and heating maintenance plan. Our plan includes regular cleaning, testing and maintaining of your HVAC unit to keep it running cool and efficient.


Smart Home Technology with Wi-Fi Thermostat Control

Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled by your smartphone, at home or on the go. This system enables remote monitoring and controlling of your homes air conditioning and heating system. Utilize to make your life easier and save you money on energy costs.


WAGS Valve

Water & Gas Safety Shut-Off Valves (WAGS) protect your home from water heater flooding damage. These valves are designed to shut off the water supply and gas supply for gas-fired heaters, in the event of a leak from a hot water heater. 


WaterCop Automatic Water Valve

Plumbing-related mishaps are common and a small problem can quickly turn into a costly repair. Peaden offers WaterCop value control that detects leaks and can shut off your main water supply to help reduce water damage in the event of an emergency.


Whole Home Water Purification System

If you’re concerned about the quality of the water being piped into your home, consider a whole-home water purification system. This system ensures clean, safe water for your family for drinking, bathing and cooking 24 hours a day.


Whole House Surge Protection

Most surges are small, but big surges happen unannounced and can cause costly problems. Protect all of the electrical components in your home with whole house surge protection.


Simplisafe Security Systems

Make safety a top priority when you’re home and when you’re away. Simplisafe security systems include contact sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors, water sensors and security cameras so you can rest easy knowing your home is secure.


Security Cameras & Exterior Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting and equipment and makes your home safer and more secure. Light up and protect the outside of your home with outdoor security cameras and high efficiency LED security lighting. 


Home Standby Generator

Living along the Gulf Coast, you never know when a major hurricane will strike and leave your home without power. A home standby generator is a great investment for safety, peace of mind and the resale value of your home.



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