Residential and Commercial Whole House Re-piping

From time to time the entire plumbing system in a home has to be replaced. Peaden is a licensed and insured plumbing contractor that has the expertise to manage your whole house re-piping project. One of our Plumbing Consultants can come out to your home and evaluate your plumbing and give you an estimate. Peaden also performs commercial re-piping. When Peaden performs a re-piping project we remove the existing hot and cold water pipes and replace them with either copper or PEX. Our expert installer can upgrade the pluming in your home.

Copper Pipe Advantages
Copper pipe has been used for many years in the plumbing industry and has become the industry standard. Copper has some drawbacks like difficult installation and high cost but it also has some advantages. Copper pipe is reliable, trusted and has unique anti-bacterial qualities.

PEX Pipe Advantages
PEX pipe is relatively new but it has some advantages. PEX pipe is lower in cost than copper but it is very reliable. PEX pipe is also easier to install. PEX bends around corners