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Commercial Maintenance Plans

Commercial Maintenance Plans for Your Facility

Commercial Maintenance Plans Could Save You Money

Although it can be tempting to leave maintenance low on the list of spending priorities, the reality is that regular servicing, inspection, and testing not only minimizes the risk of an unexpected and unwanted failure, it can also significantly reduce the lifespan of your temperature control system.

Even if the air filters are regularly changed, the internal working of the A/C unit can become dirty. Because air conditioners remove moisture from the air, they contribute to the buildup of dust and debris on the coils and in the air handler. This further demonstrates why air conditioners must be cleaned regularly.

Whether you own a chiller, have an HVAC system or have some other form of temperature control, regular cleaning, topping up levels and testing performance can help it stay in good condition for longer. We can service most models and manufacturers when it comes to your temperature control, completing all the necessary work for optimal, energy-efficient performance quickly and correctly.

Thorough Commercial Maintenance Plans for Less

We offer a selection of different commercial maintenance plans, which can be geared to your set-up. Our fully experienced, trained and certified engineers cannot only check performance but also remedy any problems. Particularly in an HVAC system, vent cleaning is essential on a regular basis to prevent unwanted dust, dirt, algae or bacteria simply recirculating back into the building. Even if you take care of your HVAC, contaminant build-up will still occur. Why risk it? Call us now to find out more about our cost-effective commercial maintenance plans.

Keep Your Investment Protected – Find Out More About A Commercial Maintenance Plan With Peaden!

  • Preventative maintenance on your equipment
  • We fix small problems before they become big costly problems
  • Conveniently scheduled tune-ups
  • Routine A/C system cleaning,

Reduce Unexpected Break Downs

  • Fix problems before they occur with regular HVAC system check-ups
  • Our maintenance plans reduce the need for emergency service
  • No unexpected cooling interruptions in the middle of a hot summer

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

  • Reduce strain on your air conditioner with planned cleanings
  • Preventative maintenance reduces excessive wear and tear

Minimize Energy Consumption

  • Tune-up your AC unit regularly and keep your air conditioners running efficiently
  • Preform coil cleanings to make certain ensure your AC is cooling efficiently
  • Routine check-ups ensure that your AC is performing optimally and not wasting energy

Priority Service

  • Same day service with no overtime charges-EVER!
  • Expedited 24 hour emergency service to our Energy Savings Plan members
  • Priority Service in the busy season guaranteed.

Discounts on Service

  • 15% discount on parts, labor, and repair
  • (15% discount applies only to parts and labor. The 15% discount does not apply to the purchase of new air conditioning systems)

100% Transferable

  • The Energy Savings Plan is 100% transferable to the next homeowner
  • Take the Energy Savings Plan to your new home

Equipment Manufacturer Recommended

  • Regular maintenance is recommended by all air conditioning manufacturers
  • Routine cleaning is strongly recommended by all air conditioning manufactures


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