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Commercial Electrical Maintenance Plans

Just like your HVAC system or plumbing, your electrical system needs periodic attention to maintain safety and reliability. Most everyone expects to flip the switch and see the lights come on. It is also a common expectation for the electrical systems in the house to last forever. Realistically, over time certain electrical components in a home can suffer just as much wear as plumbing or HVAC equipment. The contacts in light switches and receptacles can wear causing less than true connections. This can cause inconvenient flickering or blinking of lights or worse, overheating or arching which could be a potential fire hazard. Also, wiring heats up and cools down constantly as electrical components are turned on and off. This can lead to terminals on circuit breakers loosening due to expansion and contraction of the wire. This increases resistance and can cause wires to overheat. Since 1969, Peaden has been the trusted service contractor of choice for thousands of Northwest Florida Consumers. Over the past few years, our reputation and popularity as full service electrical contractor has grown in a similar fashion.

Why Invest in an Electrical Maintenance Plan

The U.S. Fire Administration has advised that over $800 million in property damage are related to electrical fires. They go on to say that 33 percent of these are due to bad wiring that has aged or was substandard to start with. A Peaden EMP can help avoid these kinds of inconveniences and dangers by providing you a fixed price electrical system inspection and tune-up. We will inspect the main service entrance equipment, inspect all of the sub-panels, load test the existing circuits check for proper over-current protection of connected load, tighten all terminals and insure proper operation of ground fault devices. Contact us today for more information and pricing of An EMP that may best suit your needs.

Electrical System Items Inspected

  • Examination of main service entrance equipment
  • Check of main service entrance connections
  • Inspection of sub panels
  • Load test of existing circuits
  • Check for proper current protection
  • Ensure proper operation of all GFCI and AFCI devices
  • Test function of smoke detectors
  • Test function of carbon monoxide detectors
  • Visually inspect receptacles and switches
  • Inspect cold water ground and ground rod
  • Visually inspect disconnect and check terminations

Business Partnership

Peaden aspires to build a lasting partnership with you and your facility. Peaden’s commitment is unlike any of our competitors. In becoming your partner, we will help you establish financial, energy, and environmental goals. Our experienced electricians will examine your electrical system to evaluate and understand how well your system will perform in the future. Our electricians are trained to look for unusual and odd circumstances that might be telling signs of a problem on the horizon. We are determined to become a fiduciary asset to you and your business. Peaden is an enthusiastic and growing company we are able to fully support you as your investments, successes, and property locations evolve and grow.

Commercial Maintenance Plan Advantages

  • Evaluation of the Electrical System
  • Equipment Longevity
  • Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Priority Service Call Response
  • Reduce System Breakdowns
  • 3 Year Inflation Protection
  • 15% Discount on Flat Rate Repairs
  • No Overtime Charges Ever

Why Choose Peaden?

We will stand behind our word and craftsmanship. We provide factory and specialty trained electricians, experienced leadership and a wide range of industry knowledge within our hand selected team of professionals. Our electricians are trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of electrical issues including service entrance connections, sub panel faults, overloaded circuits, and proper grounding. We understand that electrical system failures can be costly, and that the time lost due to these failures can be just as costly. As a locally owned, locally staffed, and locally managed company, Peaden will expedite the appropriate personnel to address your needs to minimize costs and downtime.



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