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Common Leaking Issues That Require AC Repair


Repairing your air conditioning system can be scary because…well, let’s face it – air conditioning repair can be pricey! Calling a repairman for almost any home system can seem like an adventure into the Land of High Bills, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many times air conditioning repair costs are downright reasonable, particularly when you enlist the services of an experienced and trustworthy AC repair company.

One of the most alarming problems to any home owner is the appearance of water in a place where it shouldn’t be. Seeing water leaking into a home from the walls, ceiling, or floor can send any home owner into a state of panic. Water leakage is one of the common issues with air conditioning, so it’s also one of the main reasons that people call in an AC repair company. The good news is that fixing leaking water from an air conditioner is usually not difficult for a professional repairman.

Here’s a bit more about what may be going on in your system.

Condenser Tray Concerns

The interior of your air conditioning unit is equipped with an evaporator coil. This evaporator coil works as a collector of the condensation that forms as part of the process of creating cooled air. The warm air from inside the home is forced over this cooling coil. As the warmer air cools, it drops some of the moisture that it is carrying. This moisture then drips from the coil into a tray or pan, which in turn goes into a drain in the tray.

There are sometimes problems with the tray that can cause water leakage. If the tray is not set at a slight angle, the water cannot exit. Much like a bathtub, the pan must be at a slant to drain properly. An AC repair technician may only have to make a slight adjustment to the tray’s position to fix the problem. Increasing the slant or even moving the pan sideways can fix this water issue. It’s also important to know that the pan can also have cracks that are causing the leakage. If this is the case, the tray may have to be replaced.

Drainpipe Drama

Air conditioning systems are designed with drainpipes underneath them. These drainpipes are made to get rid of the water that condenses and falls into the tray. Even if the slant of the tray and the tray itself are exactly as they should be, the drainpipes underneath can contribute to some serious leakage. The basic problem with these drainage pipes is that they can become clogged with particulate matter and debris. If they become clogged, the water draining into them backs up into the pan, causing it to overflow and leak.

Although a professional repairman can correct the problem, it is in your best interest to do whatever you can to help prevent this problem from occurring. Water leakage is one of the most damaging of household problems, so avoiding the problem in the first place is absolutely ideal.

Performing a periodic, regular check and cleaning these pipes is the optimal way to prevent future leaking problems. The same professional that fixes the problem can also prevent it. Call a professional AC repair tech today to make sure that your drainage pipes are clean and free from obstructions.



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