Heat Pump Installation and Repair

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What is a Heat Pump?

Don’t be confused by the name heat pump. A heat pump is a type of air conditioning and heating system and not just a heating system as the name suggest. A standard air conditioning systems has a one way pump that only moves heat from inside the house to outside and they rely on a furnace to heat the home. A heat pump system can both heat and cool a home because they can reverse the flow of the refrigerant and move heat from outside the home to inside the home. Because heat pump systems are able to move heat from one place to another they make great heating systems. They reduce the need to heat a home with heating elements, natural gas or heating oil.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Air conditioners do not necessarily make your home cold, they remove heat from your home by moving it to the outside of the home. All cooling system accomplish this one way or another. If you have ever felt the heat coming from the back of the refrigerator, that heat is being transferred from inside the refrigerator to outside the refrigerator. Heat pumps essentially do the same thing. They move heat from one place to another. A heat pump system can reverse the flow of heat to bring heat back in the home from the outside the home. Then when the home needs to be cooled again, the system reverses the flow of heat and moves heat to outside of the home.

Types of Heat Pumps

  • Air-to-Air Heat Pump or Air-Source Heat Pump(ASHP)
    • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump
    • Geothermal Heat Pump or Water-to-Air Heat Pump
    • Absorption Heat Pump

Heat Pump Advantages

  • Very efficient way to heat a home
  • Constant heat
  • Lower energy consumption than electric heaters
  • Zero carbon emissions

Heat Pump Disadvantages

  • Higher cost
  • Require regular maintenance
  • In colder climates they require they do