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Chiller Repair and Installation

Prompt, Professional Chiller Repair and Installation

As experienced professionals that maintain, repair and replace commercial chillers and freezers, we understand how important it is that your chiller is working correctly at all times. Even a slight deviation in temperature can have disastrous effects on chiller contents. To reduce the risk of unexpected breakdown or malfunction, we recommend regular inspection and testing to ensure your chiller is working well.

Experienced in Working on Many Different Chiller Makes and Models

Our team is fully qualified to work on commercial chillers and freezers, including water-cooled chillers, rotary chillers, packaged air-cooled chillers, and most other related appliances. In addition to carrying out repairs, our scheduled maintenance can ensure you always get the best out of your freezer. Each team member has the relevant training and certification to inspect, service and maintain commercial freezers and chillers to an appropriate, safe standard.

A Thorough Service and Inspection for Your Chiller

Each service that we complete incorporates some different elements, which combine to ensure your equipment is kept in great condition. The tasks we will complete include:

  • Checking electric circuitry
  • Visual inspection of components for wear and tear
  • Performance testing
  • Full or partial installation if required
  • Repair or replacement if required
  • Rust check
  • Monitor refrigerant, replacing or topping up as necessary

Our goal will be to leave you with a fully functional chiller or freezer that should provide trouble-free, reliable use.

Have You Considered a Commercial Chiller Inspection Plan?

Remembering to ensure your chiller and freezer equipment has been tested on time can seem like an additional chore. Why not let us do the job for you? We offer a selection of cost-effective inspection plans, ensuring your chillers get the regular attention they need for less than you would pay for a series of one-off inspections. Plus, we will let you know when an inspection is due, giving you one less thing to worry about. To find out more, call us at (850) 872-1004.



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